My Personal Favorites That Are Not My Faberge Interpretations!





Introduction: My Personal Favorites That Are Not My Faberge Interpretations!

People always ask which are my favorites out of the hundreds of eggs that I have created. I have chosen my three favorites. The first is a lighted cabinet rhea egg in which I have approximately 12 small to very tiny eggs decorated and placed on two shelves. This was designed by one of my favorite teachers Joan Huff, who offered this designing class at Alcraft in OH a number of years ago. First we decorated the large egg, which when opened turns the lights on in the back of the cabinet. One photo shows that. Then we were given the 10-12 small eggs to create whatever we wanted to.
I used quail eggs, parakeet eggs, snail eggs, and zebra finch eggs to create a "clock", a basket, a tea pot, etc. The very tiny eggs were corded with one row of thread at a time; I used multi colored threads. As usual I HAD to have one egg that turned, so I cut scroll work out of a quail egg and inserted a decorated tiny blue zebra finch egg, so that when you turn the gold filigree ball on the top of the quail egg, the finch egg turns and shows scenes of very tiny flowers and I also painted a tiny blue bird on the finch egg.
One ply gold cord is used just to highlight and create continuity around the egg as it turns.
The other egg is from a beading class that I took from a fabulous beading teacher Dot Cannon. Each bead is removed from a string, and is then carefully placed in a different direction, so that every bead is randomly placed, WITHOUT having any of the holes showing. This clam shell cut emu egg was painted white, cut to resemble a shell, and then was meticulously beaded over 18 days.
Dot had provided us with the beautiful shell shaped corian base and the Swarovski crystal star fish.
The lavender pink egg is my next favorite, because it happens to be the current Faberge interpretation I am working on--The Danish Palace Egg. It is no where near completion. I still have to complete the top and I have to prepare the 10 bifold photo frames that will be the treasure in this ostrich egg.
Finally the cobalt blue rhea egg that opens to reveal a gold leafed goose egg with inverted shell pieces on which I have paper toled flowers is the most recent egg that I completed.
I hope that you have enjoy my presentations in my multiple slide shows as I attempt to share with the world my passion for egg art.
Carole B.



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Youre in a leauge of youre own,it would take me years to get anywhere near that good.

pmbalice, Thank you for your nice e-mail. I am glad that I could assist you. I will look forward to hearing from you again. Carole B.

Carole, Sorry I misspelled your name in the other comment. I'm blaming it on the spell checker.

You really are very talented and the patience you must have to create such delicate works. Your work and the work of the artist who does the egg carving are very impressive. Good Luck in the contest. You are getting two votes from me, since they say a person can vote more than once.

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Dear Connie S., Thank you for your votes and for your nice compliments. I am categorized as a Faberge style egg artist, because I cut, hinge, create moving parts and use genuine and synthetic jewels and Swarovski crystals in my creations. The egg carvers are extremely talented people, and I too find their art works very impressive. Carole B.

Your work is absolutely fabulous. You get my votes. DJSaxton

Thank you Tina. As you can tell, I just love showing my eggs to the world. I appreciate your taking time to comment. I hope that you will consider voting for my slide show as well. Have a wonderful day.