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USB Flash drive is common for storing your data these days. normally we can buy common this usb with simple shape to unique shape but not in personal character.

In this project I make personal USB flash drive that use my own character.

Step 1: Tools & Part

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1.Scissor / cutter

2. clear tape

3. hot glue gun


USB flash drive

Step 2: Build

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1.print your desired personal thing that want to make. in this case i use this link


It make your body/face look like in box shape which perfect size of usb flash drive.

2. put clear tape to printed paper an cut the edges of your shape using cutter/scissor.

3. adjust the cut shape to your usb flash drive.

4. if it fits .try to fill the gap between cut shape and flash drive with hot glue gun. Do one side first and continue to next side of the box.

please see picture sequence i hope picture can talk much better..

Step 3: FINISH...

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you can add body to the head. i end up add cable because plastic usb connector already broken. see the finish project.


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