This is my own Personalised TR18. It functions exactly the same, I've just moved around a few of the parts to fit the good looks. Some credit goes to Zak for inspiring the handle and stock. It gets great range, there are no real problems with that.
Also featuring simple ironsights, highlighted in the pictures.

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i actually decided to make hiyadudez tr-18 if i have enough greys (2 conection holes) i will have to wreck my suckish crossbow and a few other things to make it, but its probably worth it right?
DJ Radio mberg3 years ago
The hiyadudez TR is pretty much a stock TR with nothing on it and it isn't too great.
mberg DJ Radio3 years ago
i built it a LONG time before and it was ok. i just hated the ammo always falling out, now im working on two guns, welll not really but their kinda've year projects.
ryry20113 years ago
looks weird
The Jamalam (author)  ryry20113 years ago
how so?
its made by you
The Jamalam (author)  ryry20113 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Cheers : )
TheChemiker4 years ago
And, sooooo, now what?
The Jamalam (author)  TheChemiker4 years ago
As in what have I got planned next? Secret collab project ;)
What I meant is so, you built a tr-18.  Whoopdeedo.  Am I supposed to do something?  Is how I meant it, in a sarcastic way.  But a collab sounds cool.
money maker4 years ago
Half a star. Sorry but this "Personalized"  gun of yours is defiantly not yours, all the changes i see are of Zaks Personalized TR8.
The Jamalam (author)  money maker4 years ago
You don't really look very hard do you. Trigger mods? Barrel mods? Efficiency mods?
Efficiency? What is better about it?
Well it now shoots a mile.
The Jamalam (author)  yerjoking4 years ago
TigerNod4 years ago

Cool, where did you got the stock? I searched everywhere in Zak's archieves, but I couldn't find it.

Awsome gun Jamalam
DJ Radio4 years ago
After I finish with the gun I'm working on (I have a picture of the unfinished gun on facebook but whatever) Ima build 2 of these with the exact same back part. 
The Jamalam (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
u haz facebooook? i haz face booooook add me
How would he know who you are on facebook?
The Jamalam (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
I PM'ed him.
travw4 years ago
Don't see anything different from Zak's. But I do like it, whether original or not.

PersonaliZed. Not "personalised".

The Jamalam (author)  travw4 years ago
*PersonaliSed, not PersonaliZed. It's british :)
Yes, my bad. Sorry. Like I said below, I really need to stop doing that.
Whaleman travw4 years ago
Britain, not America.
travw Whaleman4 years ago
I really need to stop doing that.
Vynash4 years ago
I'm working on this stock mod on my untangle!

Mine shot 140 feet with 6 #64s.
juneapaluna4 years ago
Looks a lot better than the original, nice job.
cerj4 years ago
 Looks Jamalamic!
Mr. Muggle4 years ago
DJ Radio4 years ago
So it's not really "Personalized" if it was done by someone else.
The Jamalam (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
It was inspired by Zak. Not copied.
 to dj, everything is a copy. dont mind him.
I dont think everything is a copy.  I'd call a gun like your Mombo bow original.  IAC's crossbow I would also call original and not a ripoff of yours.  There's a lot of guns I'd call original. 
 ok fine
I'm not saying its copied, I'm just saying that in this case its not really personalized.
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