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Introduction: My Personalized Knex WASP

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This is my version of Oodalumps' version of the WASP. Except mine is only a blue rod's width wide, also mine holds 18 bullets. Look at the photos for more info.  I might post my fancy doo-dad mods, but that depends on how many requests I get. I put the bayonet there because I feel like it and it gives the gun some strength in the design. This is also the first war worthy semi-automatic. I get up to 30-40 feet with six 32's on it. Hence the name WASP (W ar A ssault S emi-automatic P istol) .

EDIT: At TheFoofinator's request I have added two other bayonets to make it look more like the Brute Spiker from Halo. I didn't bother removing the middle bayonet, so imagine the gun with out it.


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    I do. Other people like posting their own personalized TRs. This is my personalized WASP. And as you can see, I clearly said in the beginning of the description who it's made by. BTW,
    > Don't comment on old posts....

    im wondering if ishould build this due to the fact that it uses a lot of peices and i dont have many, i just want to know if its worth taking the time to build it

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    This was posted a while ago, but yes it's worth the build.

    The bottom of the hammer that hits the bullet and the top of the hammer.

    The original instructions are on, I don't think I need to post mods as it's quite easy to mod the gun.