A bunch of stuff I've made using photoshop. Unfortunately for some reason the uploaded images look kinda grainy.

I like the 5th one
Thanks!!! :)<br /> Is that the one that looks like a jump to hyperspace?
Like in Star Wars?
<p>Yep that one its really cool :)</p>
Thanks, it looks good as a&nbsp;wallpaper&nbsp;:) If you want me to make something spacey like that for you I can.
Cool. That second to last one reminds me of Rasengan from Naruto
Not sure what that is, but cool :)
Rasengan is a ball of energy its an attack, Naruto is an Manga, Anime, You know, nerd stuff<br />
Oh ok. Haha, yeah I know abosolutely nothing about anime.
Anime is tv versions of manga which are japenes comments
Yeah, I know what they are.....I just ment I don't know anything about them, as in the different characters and so forth.
Naruto is about Ninjas
that second pic reminds me of my favorite channel
Cool!!! And what would that be?
<p>not sure what, its always statiky but NO&nbsp;COMMERCIALS</p>
Haha :D It's about time there's a channel with no commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&nbsp; :D
I call it the blizzard channel
rather fitting :D
My second fav channel is the colorful one,
Haha, I think that ones to close to educational, I try to avoid it :D
<p>The only educational show these days is family guy</p>
Exactly :) Another good bunch of role models :D
Wow, that the most un-scary thing I've ever heard :)
<p>i would tell you the scarriest thing ive ever seen but theres probably little kids on here</p>
Yeah, probably. This is meant to be a &quot;family friendly&quot; site so be careful what you post.
your no fun..............
Haha, that doesn't mean you couldn't PM&nbsp;me of course......
this is my 4th file on instructables, im gona try not to get kicked off this time.......i wuz kidding........ :)
That's always a good&nbsp;idea&nbsp;:)&nbsp; I know :)
<em>he knows too much......... </em>whats your adress
So you can plug in the coordinates into your missile launcher? With that in mind, there's no way your going to get my adress of me :D&nbsp; lol
ill be sure to tell your parents that just let me get the closet key
sorry i couldnt hear what they said its har to hear someone when they have a dirty sock in their mouth... i mean a lot of food in their mouth
I say we keep this chain of comments going to find out what happens!
<p><em>Yeah</em> i was&nbsp; <em>joking</em> lets go with that</p>
Haha, your not helping your case very much :)
yeah and your not helpin yourself QUICK&nbsp;SHOOT&nbsp;NOW!
hahahaha&nbsp; :D
i gotta start hiring guys that hold guns in the right direction
Yeah :D&nbsp; Lol
<p>and next time their signin wavers</p>
LOL.....good plan :)
Well i still have one guy left <em>Yeeeessss Maaasssstttteeerrrr</em>
Haha, soon your going to have a whole story line made up of comments on&nbsp;this slideshow :)

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