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Introduction: My Photoshop Creations

About: Current Motto: "I reject your reality and substitute my own." (I kinda stole that one from Mythbusters) Well, I could sit here and type out everything about myself, but then this would be huge (and a lot...

A bunch of stuff I've made using photoshop. Unfortunately for some reason the uploaded images look kinda grainy.



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    Thanks!!! :)
    Is that the one that looks like a jump to hyperspace?

    Like in Star Wars?

    Yep that one its really cool :)

    Thanks, it looks good as a wallpaper :) If you want me to make something spacey like that for you I can.

    Cool. That second to last one reminds me of Rasengan from Naruto

    Not sure what that is, but cool :)

    Rasengan is a ball of energy its an attack, Naruto is an Manga, Anime, You know, nerd stuff

    Oh ok. Haha, yeah I know abosolutely nothing about anime.

    Anime is tv versions of manga which are japenes comments

    Yeah, I know what they are.....I just ment I don't know anything about them, as in the different characters and so forth.

    Naruto is about Ninjas

    that second pic reminds me of my favorite channel

    Cool!!! And what would that be?

    not sure what, its always statiky but NO COMMERCIALS

    Haha :D It's about time there's a channel with no commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

    I call it the blizzard channel

    rather fitting :D