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Introduction: My Pi Day Wedding

My lovely wife and I got married this previous March 14th. I was a graduate student, and she was a substitute teacher, so we wanted to keep our expenses to a minimum. Here's a short slideshow of some of the things we did to make our wedding a little more personal. Read the image notes for more information!

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    What a wonderful spot to get married! Just a great ceremony all around. Love the pies!

    These pictures are fantastic! I am a graduate student, getting my masters in education after a bachelors in math, and have been looking for ways to plan a creative (and cheap) wedding to my mathematician guy. I love the Pi figures! I just wished I actually liked eating pie!

    I am thinking of using your leis in my wedding this fall, I was wondering how far ahead you made them? If it was more than a few hours how did you keep them fresh? Beautiful wedding by the way!!

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    Thank you!

    The flowers/plants we bought were purchased two days before the wedding, from a wholesaler - we treated them like we were going to use them for bouquets, cutting the bottoms and storing them in a trash can half full of water overnight. The ladies made the leis the day before the wedding, and we stored them in the fridge, after wrapping each loosely in a damp paper towel, placing them in gallon ziplock bags. I hope yours turn out well!

    Thanks bunches for answering :) I'm going to give it a go and try the leis but with fall colored flowers and maybe some autumn leaves if I can figure that out. O.o? Appreciate so much you posting it, when I saw it I sent a link to my fiancee and said "ok this is how I want our wedding to look and feel" I don't want to copy it just to get that same outdoors and simple beauty feel. Thanks again!

    I really like the idea of the fall leaves and flowers in the leis, that sounds lovely. I'd love to see a picture if they turn out well!

    You can bet on it...although I may take them even if they don't turn out well :) We are southern girls with no lei making experience, so I'm gonna be practicing first with some of the queen annes lace and ragweed that's growing in the ditches!

    Here is the website I used (in part) for making the leis. A rafia base works really well, you only need a few strands, and you can find it at any craft store.

    That is excellent - I bet all the details last in the memory of you and your guests far longer than an off-the-shelf wedding that cost ten or twenty thousand dollars.

    I especially like the ring-plaque idea and the sculpey bride and groom.

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    Your is one of the most original and beautiful weddings I have had the pleasure to view, thanks so much for posting

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    Wow. This is so much more lovely than a normal wedding. SO beautiful. I love it! What A lovely wedding it must have been!

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