My Proposal for Winning the $30 Million Google Lunar X-Prize





Introduction: My Proposal for Winning the $30 Million Google Lunar X-Prize

Here's hoping my team will win.



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    At least you got it. Some folks got almost irate with me - guess they never heard of satire. Or perhaps they were being satirical. Hmm.

    There might be a problem using a prop for thrust on a Lunar mission. ;)

    Pesky lack of atmosphere aside, good luck on getting the prize!

    Okay, so I guess I have to be more direct. Propellers do not work in space. The end. Space is something called a vacuum, where there is no medium. Light travels without a medium and it has a fixed speed. This means that time and space are not fixed, which is where time dilation comes from.

    Propellors do not work in space?

    I've never seen a propellor NOT working in space.

    Has anyone ever tried it?

    Here is an article from NASA explaining why propellers do not work in a vacuum(ie. Space):

    And here's a video of someone showing the thrust measured from a propeller and a rocket, first in a vacuum, then in air. You'll see the rocket works in both, the propeller does not.

    Hmmm . . . Do we know they're actually going to the moon this time. I believe there was some doubt last time, what with that blurry black & white footage.

    Either way Jim, it might be an idea to slip out the back door once you get the 30 mil rather than hang around to watch.

    Perhaps if we enclose the propeller in an atmospheric bubble then it would produce the thrust required.

    Well you know NASA has an agenda, I mean thy are in the rocket business.

    I'm going to just stop trying to pretend there's hope for you or your failure of an idea.

    Oh I gave up hope long ago. Join the party.