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Introduction: My Pump Action Shotgun V2.5

About: Your probably thinking that im nuts liking math but i like the challenge and i have a REALLY mathematical mind with almost no imagination so i like something that is concrete and that i know will be the same...

It is a fairly powerful gun with a true trigger and working pump with a 15 shot mag.
I built this in layers so it should be easy to follow the instructions
if you have some knowledge of knex.
1. This gun.
2. Original gun
3. New pump
I recommend that you keep a Grey with you when you are using this gun. To clear Jams just pul back the firing pin and push the Grey down the barrel to push the red back in place, then pull the Grey out.

You can make the mag a large as you want just extend the top.
You might want to make the next version depending on what you use it for.

Step 1: Making the Handle

Same handle i use all the time. fairly simple

Step 2: Making the Body

1. Build all these.
2-3. Build this also.I just couldn't be bothered to take it apart.
Nothing much else to say. just look at the pictures.
The last pic is of the pump mech.

Step 3: Making the Trigger

I think that you can just use a green instead of the yellow but im not sure.

Step 4: Puting It All Together

Just follow the pictures and ask if you have a problem.



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    success! a pump action that shoots rods and not orange connectors!

    rated 5*   made a way better pump annnnd extensively modded mine to look like a SPAS12

    14 replies

    I have been thinking about remaking this gun. if you poet closer pics of the pump i will add it to the gun and give you credit.

    here it is, i basically just added the brown/orange conectors and the two green connectors underneath to keep the pump pull back smoothly. i also made a new trigger because the old one would interfer with internals if it wasn't modded


    I remade the gun with the new pump and it fires shotgun style now. i will post within a few days hopefully.

    Technically if it has a cup instead of a ball it is called a ball socket not a ball joint.

    Nice gun, innovative design, true trigger, clear instructions; all of the signs of a great knex instructable. I wonder though: does this gun fire individual bullets, or does it fire multiple at a time (shotgun style)?

    3 replies

    It only fires individual rods. Though you could make a multi hopper gun that fires 3 white rods.

    Too bad. It is still worth 3.0 stars, and a half star more for the clear instructions.

    I am working on the next version of this that will fire 3 white rods. (Hopefully)