My R-Strap Version


Introduction: My R-Strap Version

Good news everyone :),

I finally got my first DSRL Camera, it is used and came without the strap. It's a Canon 300D, it's old but will help me improve my skills as a photographer.

Like almost everything in my life I get really excited and start planning ways to improve the setup I have, sometimes I think I like the gadgets better then the activity itself. LOL

I was thinking about buying a new neck strap and then I remembered about some company, Black Rapid (, and I have to say they have one of the best products ever, the problem is I just can't afford it.

So here I will share my own version of the r-strap, with the sliding camera.
Hope you enjoy.

Please check it out the instructables, with instructions to make your own at:

Thank you




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    I love your idea... but by using a step by step format it would be alot easier to express how it works

    Nevermind... good job for a very innovative fix :)

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    I do have one.

    I dont like the picture model either, but since instructables are running a contest with the pictures model, I had to publish this one.

    Please go check it out the instructables and let me know what do you think.

    thank you in advance


    ooooh I didn't spot that, sorry bud... I'll go and have a gander now... I did a similar thing myself

    sorry for the misunderstanding :)