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Introduction: My Radiohead Bearsuit

About: Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile. -Hippocrates

Thought it would be a great idea in 2003 to dress up as the Radiohead Bear for Halloween.
It also served a purpose to distract me from some really bad and sad times.
Alas, it took another 5 years to create the complete suit.
Due to school, work, and life, I worked on it piece by piece every odd year:2003,2005,2007.
The idea is to be as 2 dimentional as possible, hence the flatness of the head, just like the logo.

Now it's an outfit I wear on Radiohead shows and I still have plans for it.
Recreated the body in 2008 so I can wear it in warm and hot times.
It's always a work in progress with constant maintenance.

2003 - Preproduction, started construction
2005 - Headpiece completed
2007 - Body completed - prototype, Halloween release
2008 - ??? More concerts and Halloweens to come with additional styles and revisions.

Presale Patience for Radiohead Tickets Video
Radiohead Bearsuit on the road

My major thanks to Miss Monster for the Plasti-Dip footwear idea
and Nicodemus' Fursuit Pages for the plastic canvas framework idea.

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    you've found my weak spot.

    From one Radiohead obsessed, multiple-concert-going fan to another -- this is totally amazing! You rock!!

    that is too awesome! I am seriously impressed! x_X

    If I wanted to make this, do you have any suggestions?

    I saw you at Lollapalooza :) Great job on the costume!