Here is my retro phone to use with internet. It's really simple to make, and if you have a handset laing around, make one of this, it's like you're really taking on the phone, and i looks great.

Hope u like it, i'll answer any questions.
Great idea!
i did this and the speaker was extremley quiet and the microphone didnt work does it matter what the polatiy is?
Which type of handset did you use?
what different types of handsets are there?
If you are using a really old handset (mine is not old, it's just old looking), you would have to change the microphone and speaker to b able to use it. I have a couple of old phones and they don't sound loud at all.
well i did get the handset off my grandma so im geussing its extremly old. thanks alot for the info
<em>Does </em>the polarity matter?<br />
You could connected anyway and It may work. But it better to take the polarity in consideration.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> PS: Sorry for late answer.&nbsp;
Very Cool,I may have to make one for the wife
I'm glad you like it. it's really simple to make and when using it's like you're really talking on the phone. Thank you for commenting

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