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Here is my retro phone to use with internet. It's really simple to make, and if you have a handset laing around, make one of this, it's like you're really taking on the phone, and i looks great.

Hope u like it, i'll answer any questions.


the_prototype (author)2011-02-15

Great idea!

djr6789 (author)2009-05-05

i did this and the speaker was extremley quiet and the microphone didnt work does it matter what the polatiy is?

newtonn2 (author)djr67892009-05-05

Which type of handset did you use?

djr6789 (author)newtonn22009-05-07

what different types of handsets are there?

newtonn2 (author)djr67892009-05-07

If you are using a really old handset (mine is not old, it's just old looking), you would have to change the microphone and speaker to b able to use it. I have a couple of old phones and they don't sound loud at all.

djr6789 (author)newtonn22009-06-06

well i did get the handset off my grandma so im geussing its extremly old. thanks alot for the info

sirbliss (author)djr67892010-05-01

Does the polarity matter?

newtonn2 (author)sirbliss2010-05-12

You could connected anyway and It may work. But it better to take the polarity in consideration. 

PS: Sorry for late answer. 

the_eradicator (author)2009-04-27

Very Cool,I may have to make one for the wife

newtonn2 (author)the_eradicator2009-05-01

I'm glad you like it. it's really simple to make and when using it's like you're really talking on the phone. Thank you for commenting

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