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Introduction: My Rickshaw

This bike started as a way for me to take my daughter on a ride and still carry groceries or diapers. Never liked the original dark blue color but lived with it. We then had another baby and this bike sat outside for a few summers. I thought I could build a larger basket for it and take both of them on rides. But first a color change was needed. The bike felt like everything was a quarter turn too tight from the factory so a full strip down was necessary. I took a rough pad to parts for painting, cleaned them and let them sit in the sun before paint. Sprayed a few coats of paint and put them inside to dry. It’s hard to let things dry for a few days but I held strong and waited. Started putting it back together and was surprised how nice it was looking. This is becoming a totally different bike from a color change.


   Built a simple wood basket out of plywood, trimmed it out and stained it. Next was the seat. Ripped some ¼” oak into 1” strips cut them all to length and primed and spray painted them. Lightly sanded the lifted grain off and did one more coat. Stapled them onto basket and borrowed some seat belts form our wagon. Nice and shiny and the white seat shouldn’t get too hot in the sun.


 Time for a shake down. Rode to the store with the girls, everything was going good until I realized I had no way to carry stuff other than my girls. No problem I have a huge basket in my shed I will add to the bike. This basket is very big and very silver. It’s all I see when I look at the bike. Hopefully a little more spray paint will help tone it down. Ahh that’s better. One last thing for this project an umbrella at a yard sale should add the finishing touch and turn this once ugly bicycle into a full on rickshaw.


Hope you all enjoy the pictures it has been a fun project. I even get some thumbs up from people when we go on tour.



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    Hello. Is it possible for more specific directions and measurements? I'm curious how u attached the wooden box and also the layout of the box it's self? Thanks so much and take care

    Your design is just what I've been looking for! Do you have any pictures with your kids inside?

    How do you get a unit that includes a pedal assembly for two big rear wheels? I'm confined to wheelchair. Been looking for years.

    Do you think you could widen the box by raising the seat up and over the fenders?
    How have the kids enjoyed the ride? Any concerns about back and neck support for them?

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    Yeah you could but you would still be limited on floor space. They love to ride in this. My girls weigh 30lbs each now and both still fit in the back with a little growing room to spare. The bench seat is very comfortable for them and is made of thin enough wood to have a little flex. I'm not sure about neck support they never complained. I will try to add some pictures with them in it.

    Nice. This is real nice.
    Do you think you could make the box wider by raising the seat up and over the fenders?
    How have your kids enjoyed the ride? Any concerns about back/neck support?

    Woouuuw!! Very nice done! Where did you bought the bike and from which brand is it before you transformed it? I like the frame too. Can you add some pictures how you did connect the seat behind? Also good idea with the basket in front. Is it a standard basket and holder or did you custom made it. The black/white tires are a lovely detail too! Again nice done! Greets from Belgium!

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    The bike is a schwinn merridian, the front basket is from wald, I had to modify the support bracket a little. The wooden box is mounted on the 4 holes for the original basket. I just drilled them out larger and put bigger bolts with huge washers to support it. Thank you for the kind comments. I have so much fun with this it will be sad when they are old enough to ride their own bikes.

    I would feel much more comfortable with my child riding in one of these! Thanks for the great pictures and info. I hope that one day you might make an instructable!

    That's a good idea about the lights I'll look into some. I never thought the word balanced would come up :) Thx.

    I really like the kid carrying box and somehow the basket makes the trike look balanced. Personally I'd add a couple of the flashing taillights to the rear (I actually did on my stretched trike, I set them to different patterns for better eye attraction) even during the day the leds are surprising bright