I decided to enhance my current LARP character i would create a little friend to carry round.... with having very little electronics knowledge i decided to MODIFY and excising robotic friend... I found him in the form of Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey 2010 Toy of the year in the UK

I do not have step by step pictures, but via the use of videos and such im sure you will get how i transformed Monkey to Man

If you like it rate it, and if you make it show me

Build cost:

Dave: £5
Boots: £2.50
Belt buckle: 75p
Thermoplastic: (MOSTLY) FREE (Yay thanks Allen Stroud!) 100g Cost me £3 ish
Materials: Free
Batteries: £2
Paint: £1 (i only needed to buy one pot of humbrol as i had the rest to hand)

Total build cost: £11.25

Step 1: A Bit About Dave

Dave is a wonderful little remote controlled animatronic spider monkey produced by WOW toys... he sits on a little harness you wear on your shoulder.. he is controlled by a little remote with 5 buttons, pressing different button combinations in different ways will produce various different emotions and actions... have a look at the little chart you get with him in my pics...

I bought two on ebay for around £5-£10 each... their RRP is £25
Nice use of Dave! I designed the mechanism and I love seeing people putting it to good use. What event did you use him for? <br> <br>cheers, <br> <br>Nick <br>www.gotrobots.com <br>
Hi Nick, I LARP (Live Action Role Play) over in Derby, the system is run by the Lorien Trust.<br><br>He sat on my shoulder fro the dry parts of the weekend and amused most people and freaked out the rest.<br>
Nice! <br>Quasimodo?
No... not exactly.... no hump you see

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