Picture of My Robot conversion... Monkey to Man
I decided to enhance my current LARP character i would create a little friend to carry round.... with having very little electronics knowledge i decided to MODIFY and excising robotic friend... I found him in the form of Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey 2010 Toy of the year in the UK

I do not have step by step pictures, but via the use of videos and such im sure you will get how i transformed Monkey to Man

If you like it rate it, and if you make it show me

Build cost:

Dave: £5
Boots: £2.50
Belt buckle: 75p
Thermoplastic: (MOSTLY) FREE (Yay thanks Allen Stroud!) 100g Cost me £3 ish
Materials: Free
Batteries: £2
Paint: £1 (i only needed to buy one pot of humbrol as i had the rest to hand)

Total build cost: £11.25

Step 1: A bit about Dave

Picture of A bit about Dave
Dave is a wonderful little remote controlled animatronic spider monkey produced by WOW toys... he sits on a little harness you wear on your shoulder.. he is controlled by a little remote with 5 buttons, pressing different button combinations in different ways will produce various different emotions and actions... have a look at the little chart you get with him in my pics...

I bought two on ebay for around £5-£10 each... their RRP is £25
psyclopz2 years ago
Nice use of Dave! I designed the mechanism and I love seeing people putting it to good use. What event did you use him for?


Biggsy (author)  psyclopz2 years ago
Hi Nick, I LARP (Live Action Role Play) over in Derby, the system is run by the Lorien Trust.

He sat on my shoulder fro the dry parts of the weekend and amused most people and freaked out the rest.
PeckLauros3 years ago
Biggsy (author)  PeckLauros3 years ago
No... not exactly.... no hump you see