Step 7: Hair

Despite Dave looking REALLY awesome once painted... i decided to make him look less like Sloth from the Goonies, and more like a grotesque but refined 17th century little man, furthermore to be referred to as Mr Bimble

I unfortunately have no pics of this step, so you will have to do with my feeble description

I got some natural string, and unraveled the cord to get the long straight fibers, and then started the arduous process of gluing layer upon layer of hair one on top of another to form his barnet. once he had enough hair i gave him a trim and a little plait and let the glue dry
Nice use of Dave! I designed the mechanism and I love seeing people putting it to good use. What event did you use him for? <br> <br>cheers, <br> <br>Nick <br>www.gotrobots.com <br>
Hi Nick, I LARP (Live Action Role Play) over in Derby, the system is run by the Lorien Trust.<br><br>He sat on my shoulder fro the dry parts of the weekend and amused most people and freaked out the rest.<br>
Nice! <br>Quasimodo?
No... not exactly.... no hump you see

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