Step 8: Mr Bimble Is Complete...

So that's Mr Bimbles metamorphosis from Furry monkey to refined gentleman... If you have any questions let me know

hope you enjoyed this and you can see how long it took me to complete.

Cheerio for now

Biggsy, Mr Bimble and Dave
Nice use of Dave! I designed the mechanism and I love seeing people putting it to good use. What event did you use him for? <br> <br>cheers, <br> <br>Nick <br>www.gotrobots.com <br>
Hi Nick, I LARP (Live Action Role Play) over in Derby, the system is run by the Lorien Trust.<br><br>He sat on my shoulder fro the dry parts of the weekend and amused most people and freaked out the rest.<br>
Nice! <br>Quasimodo?
No... not exactly.... no hump you see

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