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Introduction: My Room, My Workshop

This is a breif video showing my workshop. Im thirteen and I love to build. If I think of something cool I'll build it. Right now I'm working on a completely cordless, and batteryless electric lawn mower. My room is the only place I have to work so I have done what I could to evolve it into a workshop over the past 3 years. I pay for most my tools(No allowance, just selling stuff on craigslist) and build my own furniture. I just thought I would give this contest a shot since I'm on all the time.

Thank You,
Jake Torres



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    lol im 13 too i love to make stuff / build stuff

    I have a plan for a device that would make a good thing for you lawnmower. If only my transisters would come in the mail...

    im 13 too and very skilled with my hands,its nice to see someone else with talent :D can you send me some plans. we are reno-ing my room and i would love to make a room workshop, also can you make a new vid?

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    Sorry I took so long to reply. It may take me a a couple days to make that video, but the basic layout of it is like a corner of my room. where I have 2 desks setup ones actually in what used to be my closet. Whats your email, I'll send you a video soon, it wont have sound though.

    Hi, i'm 14 and it says the video was removed by the user. so i was wondering if you'd be able to re-post it, because my parents gave me a section of the basement to turn into a workshop/hangout room.

    I wish I was that creative at 13, keep it up and you'll go places