this is a gun i made in 1 day... i always wanted to build my own sniper rifle or assault rifle. i have tried a few times... 3 actually, but it was never even close to being good at anything (accuracy, strength, comfort, shape, range, sturdiness, size). last week i was just like on a crazy roll of building awesome guns (of my own of course, not from the internet), and i feel this gun is just the peek. i built 5 guns (including this one) 3 of which (also including this gun) i have posted instructables for (the first 2 weren't all that good (they were the SEGV-1, which i mentioned on the SEGV-2 instructable, and the AKG (Awesome K'nex Gun, although it turned out to be much less awesome than i thought it was))). i call it a sniper rifle because of its accuracy, shape and power; i call it an assault rifle because it has a magazine (a removable one too), it is very comfortable, therefore good in assaulting enemy bases in k'nex wars, it is also easy to load,  like most assault rifles, and also, it's shaped like one. i really like giving my guns 3 letter names (if there is a fourth letter and it is v for version at the end it still counts as 3 letters), if i can do it with 1 vowel, preferably in the middle, i would, and i like adding numbers at the end, sometimes telling what version it is, and sometimes just a number. in this case (5), i used my lucky number because this gun is my greatest creation so far and it is truly amazing ! i hope you enjoy this gun as much as i do, because i LOVE it !!!!

@@@EDIT: i made a v2 for this gun, i'm just not sure if i'm going to post it... the upgrade includes: a much sturdier, bigger, more comfortable stock/butt, a comfier handle, also a small trigger stop that prevents the trigger from all the way back and accidentally exiting the barrel, a much easier to load, bigger, stronger ram that can use more bands, therefore making it much much stronger (i got it to shoot 119ft this time) and increasing the accuracy by a pinch (because of the improved strength), and last but not least, i changed the ram guide a bit to fit the new improved ram.
if i get 10 comments asking me to post the upgrade, i will.@@@

@@@DOUBLE EDIT: i made a v3 including a whole much much better new magazine mech. the two most distinguished and most important changes are that the new magazine is now curved (cool) and instead of having to put a stick through the magazine every time you load it and insert it into the gun, now it locks and unlocks automatically with an internal mech. the idea for this amazing change i got from the "knex concepts" instructable by oblivitus. awesome idea by him, awesome result by me. check the instructable... it's awesome. like i said before, i'm lazy about making instructables so if 10 people comment asking me to post v3 (including v2), i will. (if you like the gun, comment... the v2 and v3 changes are simply awesome... you won't regret it (and yeah... i like saying awesome, 'cause i'm awesome))@@@

NOTE: the magazine is the same as the magazine in my A.R.M. Gun, which you can reach here . if you have any difficulties (which i don't think you should) with loading the magazine, or inserting it into the gun, you can also find out how to do that in my A.R.M. Gun instructable.

amazingly accurate (0.5 sq. in. from 13.5ft distance, 1 sq. in. from 30ft distance, and about 3 sq. in. from 50ft distance)
very strong (CAN cut perfectly through 7.... YES 7 (!) sheets of paper)
excellent range (got it to shoot 97ft with 7 doubled up regular bands @@@EDIT: 119ft with 12 doubled up bands@@@(imagine what it could do with #64 bands))
looks GREAT, shaped like a real rifle
removable magazine (my own mechanism invention, used also in my A.R.M. Gun)
very easy-to-use ram
mag-ram never ever breaks, it stops just before where the ram goes
real, non-breakable trigger
very comfy handle, angled 45 degrees
amazingly comfortable, easy-to-use and accurate iron sights
all of the gun is very sturdy
never jams
flat, smooth, and therefore VERY comfortable butt/stock, also placed at a very good distance from handle (not too far, not too close)
comfortable cheek rest for aiming
ram guard, makes the ram a whole lot sturdier
nothing ever breaks (so far at least, for me)
uses only 2 broken parts which are not a must
relatively (to a full sized rifle, that is) doesn't use much parts

uses a lot of dark grey/1-slot connectors
the 2 2-slot, straight connectors used for loading that are on the ram are not at the same level (one is slightly behind the other), and some people might see that as a bad thing (it honestly doesn't bother me at all, but, you know, criticizers...)
@@@EDIT: the new ram on the v2 uses a much better loading mechanism, therefore this con is no longer important.@@@

if you can think of any more pros or cons for this gun, please do comment about them, and do write your opinion about this gun. also don't forget to rate, check my other instructables, and subscribe to my account if you like my work

how to load the SAR-5, demonstration of sights and shooting a target:

demonstration of the accuracy of the SAR-5:

1. gun with unloaded magazine, 11 bullets/rounds next to it
2. unloaded magazine
3. loaded magazine
4. gun with loaded magazine
5. gun with loaded magazine, and with ram loaded
6. the gun from the front/ the receiving end (i used my deodorant to get it to stand)
7. the gun from the top
8. the camera looking through the iron sights
9. 1st person view of the gun

@@@LAST EDIT: this is my last edit on this 'ible and/or gun. it's a video of the v4, the final version of the gun showing it's mods and it's superiority next to the previous versions.

SAR-5 v4:

Step 1: Handle, Back Barrel, Inner Main Body & Trigger

1. make these
2. attach like so
3. attach like so
4. get these (optional)
5. attach like so (optional)
6 . attach like so (optional)
7. make these
8. make these
9. attach like so
10. attach like so
11. attach like so
12. make this
13. attach like so

yeah it works good and new mag is cool to post new mag.<br>
Dude i posted this like a year ago and i've made a lot of guns since then, not all of which are posted... Do you really think i still have it?
it doesnt show how to make the mag <br>
read the description. it says that the mag is the same as my A.R.M. gun and there are instructions there...
the gun is good as the first assualt rifle i made
i know this gun is kinda lame. i posted it a long time ago and now i have a much much better one. ( my SABR, you should check it out)
I love it :D and made it
thanks for commenting, hope you keep enjoying my gun...
cool i might make it
hope you do ! it's awesome...
not bad at all
thanks, did you build it?
It's OK, stock looks a bit weak though. And it shouldn't be called a sniper.

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