Step 4: Main Body Walls

1. the two outter walls (identical)
2. the rods sticking out of one of the outter walls
3. the inner walls
I made it!
What the heck is cello tape<br/>
<p>its electrical tape or the kind of tape for cords</p>
Wow! I built this yesterday modified it a little ( For my peice count) And it IS Flawless (Besides the fact that the triggers is pretty low but thats me) because I've only had it once where the shell got stuck in the ejector. 5 Stars!!! (and a favorite) :D
lol i just watched the video and lmao... my voice is so high pitched here and the video itself is so bad XD
wow thanks. you do realize this is one of my lesser guns though, right? i perfected and smallified the shell ejecting mechanism a long time ago, and since have built much better guns. you could argue though that the simplicity suits you, but i like complicated things. anyway, thanks and i hope you keep enjoying it and my other guns.
nice i am gonna build now!!
you shuld make a rifle version
that would just be a waste of pieces... why quadruple the amount of pieces used to get no change but looks and a heavier gun? usually rifles are made to accommodate larger mechanisms and still keep the same amount of comfort, with a little bit more stability.
That what I do. Why make a bulkier version!
i don't understand your comment.
Sorry, what I ment to say was '' Why make a bulkier version'' to correct knexinglemon, and agreed with you.
oh ok.
Your also in my top 3 knex gun builders.
REALLY?! thanks ! with who else?
Beanie Ostrich and DJ Radio.
Nice job. Seems like a very good shell gun.
Not bad but like some people say the trigger could be better. I use a internal mag pusher made out of 2 half-flakes, 3 small green rods, 2 white rods and 4 y connectors and it moves smoothly and never jerks back and forth. The thing i dont like about internal mag pushers is reduced ammo count
nonsense... at least in this gun, the internal mag pusher i use doesn't reduce ammo count and it works excellent... never jerks or jams or anything. try picturing it its like an H (capital H) using 5 black rods and 2 5-way connectors.of course it's put into the gun as an H tilted sideways (90 degrees).
Really nice work man. I love the compact shell ejector system. The trigger could be moved closer to the barrel, but that's me just being nitpicky. Why don't you use an internal mag pusher? The side of the mag is open, it would make it look great!
funny you should say so... i am using an interal mag pusher now... its very simple... its 5 black rods and 2 5-way connectors... pretty simple to figure out how its built, but if any1 has trouble, comment so and i will post a pic...
Those are more casings than shells &gt;.&gt; fun idea, though.
did you really think that i would make actual shells out of k'nex??? thats the only thing you could do and please stop being annoying... how i love these comments of people who don't have a life and like posting these annoying useless comments...
Annoying and useless? No, that is a rather good description of the nonconstructive comment that you responded with. I have a rather full life, thank you very much, I just prefer proper terminology because there are those that use something much closer to shells on this website. Oh, and a casing is spent, which is what this is recreating. Also, I even complimented this creation and its idea and yet you blew up in my face anyways. Calm down.
sorry i just got a bit angry cuz i had a row with my dad just before i read your comment and responded to it... soz
you just gave me an idea with the shells!!! im going to make a gun like this and post it!! but ill give you credit for the shells!
The trigger could be much better but I like the gun. It seems as if the gut would have a hard time ejecting if you didn't tilt it to the side.
I dunno, it looks to me like it should work on its own but he held it like a Compton gangsta the whole time so it's kinda hard to tell....
no i don't have to tilt it to the side... i just did it so that the camera could see it and so people won't just think i through the shells myself. i swear to god it does eject the shells on its own if it's straight and even if it's tilted to the other side... the blue clip over the magazine pushes it out to the side... and if you don't believe me, say so and i'll post another video with the gun not tilted.
I was the one who said that it would probably work on it's own...
throw* not through... stupid spelling check... lolz
by the way... if you'r talking about the fact that the trigger is a 3-way and not a 2-way, then that's because i don't like it moving outside of the barrel and that's a very simple and comfortable way...
nice one!
Looks pretty cool.

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