My SS-001 . Shotgun With True Trigger , Shell Ejecting , Excellent Accuracy , Great Power and Look's Sweet !


Introduction: My SS-001 . Shotgun With True Trigger , Shell Ejecting , Excellent Accuracy , Great Power and Look's Sweet !

About: I ' m 12 and I French . I create crazy but small K'nex guns or something in K'nex ... I love Zelda on Wii or other warfare games . My best Kn'ex gun are : FFRS 001 ( Sligshot Sniper ) , V.G.N 013 ( Automatic...

Hello poeple !

So this is my new shotgun : the SS-001 . Its slingshhot system make a excellent range and it has a great accuracy . It isn't semi-auto , but its power , its accuracy , its lokks and its shell ejecting make this gun one of the best shotgun in Instructables


-Excellent range
-Great accuracy
-True trigger
-Shell ejecting . Not auto system .
-Look great


-A bit hard to reload
-Shell ejecting system is not automatic

So see you the next gun !




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    The handle area looks REALLY uncomfortable

    I Know , I must to create big guns . But the FRMG-002 is a really big guns , not a small guns like this shotgun ! The FRMG-002 is a machine gun with a big turret for 9 rounds an with a true trigger . After this big gun I would want to create other same big gun , but I don't have a lot of yellow connectors , so that's difficult ...

    Yes , I know , but I have used a big parts of my K'nex for the FRMG-002

    Ok just like what sandroknexmaster said, u need to buy more knex if u wanna have people notice your work. I know where ur at right now cuz i was there, u think u have a great gun but the other people dont. Then you slowly learn what people want and your knex inventory grows and you start to be noticed. Now im not that well known or i think. The only gun that i have made that got me noticed by some good builders was my kinno. But if i keep on making these kinds of guns and guns no one has thought of i will start to become noticed. You can do the same thing man. You find out what kind of builder you are. Make your own path. Be a trailblazer!

    You should buy more knex, then you can make bigger guns. But it looks good!