My Girls "Knightmare", "Christine" and "KITT"




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Introduction: My Girls "Knightmare", "Christine" and "KITT"

About: ... I consider Myself spontaneous, laid back, honest, accepting and humorous in some aspects (hey, why live a boring life right?). I often find Myself in deep thought about creating and/or making something b...

It all started with a dream, and a dream turned into a useable solution to help protect people on their bikes at night. It took about 6 hours to create her, and purely created her without the knowledge that people had already did a scraper/EL type design. I just woke up one morning with the idea stuck in my head after a dream I had. I begun the hard work and labor, running into snags at certain points but working around them.I ordered the supplies and took to it for 6 hours, and 34 NiMH batteries later, the final project! Hope it does for you as well. Yes it has a larson scanner for all you Knight Rider fans :p and the EL lights are suppose to represent red white and blue, but unfortunately the white comes off as a blue (the brightest EL light on the bike) but it is meant to be red, white and blue.



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    Christmas tree on wheels

    Super tare !

    In a couple of months or so, I plan on taking her in for a tune up, since it's been about 10 years since she had one, and most likely (to make it easier on the people tuning her up) I'll have to take everything off and put it back on when they are done. By then, I will try to make it more detailed as I am putting things back on. Thanks for looking!

    My dad would pass out if he heard that! He repair bikes as a hobby.

    Sweet! But yes I was fortunate to get that one model off the rack that seems to have been a Tuesday-Thursday production and not a Monday or Friday one hehe. It's never needed a tune up, all it ever needed were new brake pads and a set of pedals, and I can swear on oath on that! Also, I looked underneath and saw "Made in America" so that made me smile as well! Hey can you ask him a question for me please? Can you ask him what type of rim does he recommend someone over 300 have for a bike? I've had tons of broken spokes with the current back rim I have now, and would like to upgrade. Thanks!