Step 2: Inlet air hole

Picture of Inlet air hole
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I cut the inlet air hole and welded 2.5" pipe in an angle so the air will swivel and create more heat in the center. I kept the pipe 2" inside that will be the thickness of the refractory in the furnace. I found my welding magnets very usefull for holding the pipe in place. After getting all my welding gear ready the pipe was perfectly welded into place. Small tip: when placing the cylinder on the side place 2 wood battens under it to prevent it from rolling aside when using the grinder on it.
I have heard that a lot of blues and yellows in paints have cadmium in them, thus their names...
rhulett13 years ago

How long is the inlet pipe ?

Is the length critical ?

Is the flange important ?

Great job.....Roger
mista.v4 years ago
Would it be possible to use extremely strong industrial epoxy to stick the pipe in if we cannot weld? Or maybe solder in some places of it and then fill the rest in with cement?