Step 9: Foundry tools, Ingots and clip.

Now its time for some melting, My furnace is HUNGRYso it's time to feed it with some aluminum. I collected some aluminum from my house, some unused items.
I made some tools for my old furnace and they are still good for this one. To get rid of the dross I used a big spoon with holes as a dross skimmer. I'm starting my first melt with charcoals and in the near future I hope to make a waste oil burner.
After the charcoals where red I checked the temp with my multimiter and it showed over 1000�igh temperature.
 My first successful melt were parts of an aluminum ladder, I used my muffin tray to cast the aluminum ingot.
The second time I used the pot it broke under the heat and all the molten aluminumn spilled out. Not too bad news It could have  been much worse if it happend when I lifted the crucible.

Now I just have to chop the chunks of aluminum and throw them back into a new and much thicker cruicible made from metal pipe and steel plate.
This is a short clip of my furnace in full action...
n1cod3mus3 years ago
learned something a few days back, dont use charcoal briquettes they produce too much ash which clogs up the air flow, use lumpwood charcoal burns nice and hot with much less ash.
EmmettO4 years ago
As for crucibles, I struggled with making a crucible for melting copper. It would melt through every steel crucible I made. I eventually found a site that sells cheap fire clay crucibles and thats what I use now. http://www.lmine.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=LMS&Product_Code=17703&Category_Code=economy_repacks
i got mine for around $60 at foundry101.com and it comes with a lifting shank..
sockless4 years ago
You didn't need to use a thermometer to check the temperature. You could've just looked at the colour of it and approximated the temperature. Since all objects will glow a certain colour depending on what temperature they are at.
buteomont4 years ago
I used a muffin tin for my ingots too, but be careful! I didn't realize that my first muffin tin was made from aluminum too. The molten metal just poured right through it!