My second working stirling engine from tin cans 'n stuff, skip to about 1:10 if you just want the engine footage.
<p>Excellent! Don't skip the beginning!</p>
I laughed all the way. <br>The drama! The sounds! <br>This movie has everything. <br>Well, except how to actually MAKE it.
I appreciated the production values -- entertaining piece. Almost a study of how crude and inefficient a stirling can be and still run.
No, folks, <em>don't</em> skip to 1:10 - that first seventy seconds is <em>brilliant</em>. <br> <br>
I agree !!!
4 Sure
I fully agree.
You can say that again..........!!!!!!!!!!<br>
it starts to lean over 1:30-1:45....-_-
Easily one of the best build videos I've seen...
Love the video and the engine of course. But the video most, very nice editing :)
Totally cool
haha realy cool and funny..........<br>
hahaha great vid
I love the video editing done on this video, even went as far as to make &quot;FX&quot; sounds after the fact. I actually enjoyed when the engine was running, since it was a nice melodic song, and the motion of the stirling engine just fit well.<br><br>10/10 on it all, wish more could take the time you did for all their video's. Windows has come with free video editing software able to do this, since Windows XP.<br><br>If not that then....find something online *cough* .torrent *cough* *Cough*
Where did you get that propane torch?
i think its butane. you can get them anywhere that sells tools.
It's a burnomatic mini torch... just FYI. I know since I have that one, and it's bigger angrier brother that can shoot a 4 inch blue cone flame!
i like the beginnin :D!
Very impresive.Brovo <br>
cool<br>I also like the blue safety gloves ;-)<br><br>what happened with the 1st stirling engine ??
You can see that one too, I have it on here under 'custom stirling engine'. It didn't end well :)
Oops, scratch that, it's under 'my first working stirling engine'
Ok !!&hellip;<br>:D
Someone spent a bit too much time in the edit bay! Nice vid!
wow reminded me of hight school. nice job man
I agree haha, wish there where more of these vids
Thats a crazy vid. You open the pop cans with a can opener, jus saying
Rofl...Nice video editting skills.
that video was great. nice work on the Stirling engine.
nice movie :)
I appreciate the showmanship.:)
I fear the bear.
i second what foxtrot70 said.
Wow, thanks so much for all the positive comments instructabilites!
OMG i'm wearing my rocky shirt today when i found this!
Best instuctable vid ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truely makes me wanna wear welding gloves and make stuff all day !
What song is that?
The Eye of the Tiger
No the OTHER song...<br>
Epic vid.
Absolute Brilliance.

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