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Okay so when I build something in my server I won't talk a lot Il just post pics and comment what else I should build. Just a quick one

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znakouzi (author)2013-09-08

I want your email to download it

wheatley1138 (author)2013-08-26

What about steam?

ghoskiller27 (author)2013-08-21

If you have a Game Center add me GhosKiller27

EZtechProjects (author)2013-08-09

Can i join?

wyattpurk (author)2013-06-19

Could you please tell me how to get into your server

aweith (author)2013-05-19


heiehe (author)2013-05-19

Can I join too

heiehe (author)2013-05-19


ghoskiller27 (author)2013-05-18

McClay14 I need help on ideas what to build XD

ghoskiller27 (author)2013-05-18

And I'm working out bugs and that

ghoskiller27 (author)2013-05-18

I am waiting till I get 3 more people before I realse the codes

McClay14 (author)2013-05-18

how do i get into ur server?

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