Here are pics of my Shanti Bow made by Kinetic
WOW, this looks....... deadly!
Thanks. It's not mine though, Its Kinetics.
LMAO at the tags :P<br /> <b><a href="../../../tag/type-id/category-knex/" rel="nofollow">knex</a></b> , <b><a href="../../../tag/type-id/keyword-knex/" rel="nofollow">knex</a></b>, <b><a href="../../../tag/type-id/keyword-scope/" rel="nofollow">scope</a></b>, <b><a href="../../../tag/type-id/keyword-chicken/" rel="nofollow">chicken</a><br /> </b><b>wtf chicken!!!</b><b><br /> Anyway, nice gun. What is the scope made of?</b><b><br /> </b><br />
Its just tires covered in black electrical tape.
Should&nbsp;i make an ible on how to make it?
Yes!<br />
What's the scope made of?
Looks like K'nex pieces covered in electric tape.
Yeah it is.<br />
That's a <em><strong>DAMN </strong></em>nice scope :D<br /> Thought it was a real one at first :O<br />
Which proves that anything is possible...<br /> With electric tape.
Cool, I like it.
Me too, it looks like a real scope.
now this is what I like about knex, 4.5<strong><em> STARS!!</em></strong><br />
Thanks.<br />
&nbsp;Best bow ever!!! Lol. &nbsp;So ya like it?
Yeh, its awesome.
&nbsp;sweet !!&nbsp;
&nbsp;Minigun + Crossbow = Shanti Bow
Thanks!<br />
no problem! + nice scope!
Why is one of the tags&nbsp;chicken?? lol
Dunno, I was bored.<br />

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