Picture of My Short Sword/Mini Katana
This is my FIRST insrtuctable so it might be bad but give me any ideas PLZ. So this is my little sword thing I was REALY bored when i made it so that brings it here.

Step 1: The pieces..

Picture of The pieces..
These are The Pieces you will need

4x Yellow rods
6x White rods
6x Little Green rods
4x Half-moon connectors
2x Snowflake connectors
1x Green connectors
1x Weird 2 spot connectors
8x Single connectors
4x Red rods
28x 180degeres connectors
4x red triangle connectors
FlameSnake (author) 6 years ago
OK lol i didnt know tht thx!
 (removed by author or community request)
Foyet5 years ago
it does look like a tanto here check out my crossbow
anibioman5 years ago
 called a tanto
lou33mig416 years ago
technicaly its called a wakezashi but its good tho
I thought it was called a kata