This is my FIRST insrtuctable so it might be bad but give me any ideas PLZ. So this is my little sword thing I was REALY bored when i made it so that brings it here.
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1.Do mess around it is easy to repair!
2. Do Practice with it
3. Do mess with people (nicely :) )

1.Don't hurt people
2.Don't BREAK IT
3.Don't Break other items
4.Don't get your parents mad or other enforcing people
5.Don't bend

Ok that is about it have fun and remember cut don't slap the air cuz it will break!!!!! :( :( :( :(
FlameSnake (author) 5 years ago
OK lol i didnt know tht thx!
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Foyet4 years ago
it does look like a tanto here check out my crossbow
anibioman4 years ago
 called a tanto
lou33mig415 years ago
technicaly its called a wakezashi but its good tho
I thought it was called a kata
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it's a cool instructable though!