This knex knife is very easy to make and is pretty strong. You will need: 10 blue connectors, 1 dark white connector, 1 green conector, 3 yellow conectors, 2 orange connectors, 2 yellow rods, 2 white rods, 3 green rods, 1 red rod, and 1 black rod.

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Step 1: The Handle

When you make the handle, switch the blue connector from side to side.

Step 2: The Blade

Just look at the picture and build what u see.

Step 3: Thats It, You Are Done

if you have any trouble building this just let me know.
dear reader, <br><br>i advice this gun if you gonna knex war!!!!!<br>thats because if you have builded a usp or pistol or a one hand gun than you are good at long range and close range with this low part count 1 minute knife. <br><br>it has low part count so you get enough knex left for a pistol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>from a mw2 fan
meh... a bit easy<br />
i want my stuff t be easy cuz i dont have that many pieces.
k, i understand<br />
Strong?<br />
&nbsp;pretty nice I guess

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