My Simple K'nex Torture Machine




Introduction: My Simple K'nex Torture Machine

About: I'm a huge 'nexer. i love to build all kind of things with k'nex. So... yeah. Check out all my instructables and my video of my K'NEX helicopter.

This is my simple knex torture machine. It doesn't take many pieces and if used correctly, it can sting really bad. Escpecially on the arms! (be carefull bc it can fling and break and hurt someone. im not liable for any injuries caused be carelessness.)

Thank you!

Step 1: Piece List

Look at the boxes to see how many you will need!

Step 2: Step One

Just follow the pictures!

Step 3: Step 2

Again, follow the pictures!

Step 4: How to Use

The pics tell it all! Then your done!!!



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    who's the white tank top guy? and were u sick that day cause u look drunk

    Thank you for putting in enough steps so i was able to build it :)

    I think we know what the pieces look like without you staring at them and looking mildly stoned.

    1 reply

    Looks like a fur stretcher you'd use for trapping

    could you not just shoot them with a knex gun??? it would hurt more...

    4 replies

    This is for close combat! lol

    lol, face combat!


    if used incorrectly it may not hurt someone
    thank you

    Pointless should be postless. This is most definitely pointless.

    You might have cracked a smile on one of these pictures.... This is supposed to be funny isn't it? (twang! aaah!)


    2 replies

    yeah its just something fun to make

    Well look like you think it fun - evil-grin? (please)


    Not to mention infinitely more concealable :)