This is my snow fort that took me two days to build. In addition it has a snow roof and is very strong. I can fit two people inside and it gets quite cosy. The walls are made from bricks of snow that I made with a 'mould' and packed together. The roof is made with thinner bricks to reduce the weight and the chance of it caving in. The gaps are then packed with more snow ( We had alot!) The fort itself protects you from the elements which is reassuring with the amount of snow we have had. The picture of me throwing the snow ball was when I was building it, the picture of me packing the bricks is about three and a half hours into the build. This is a 'ible' that will take quite while so be prepared to wrap up warm and spend I lot of your time making lots of bricks. Don't skimp on the bricks, remember the better you build your bricks the longer your fort will last and the stronger it will be. HAVE FUN...
Don't worry, I only took the gloves off for the photoo as they were wet.
That's very cool. <br> <br>Now go put some gloves on for heaven's sake. :)
I am soooo thankful that I don't live near you! You can have any snow that falls near me. I'll ship it to you :-)

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