My Sock Monkey





Introduction: My Sock Monkey

My sock monkey is made out of what used to be one of my favorite pairs of socks. One of his ears isn't on right and I think he looks kind of crazy what with the stiching showing and on of his eyes looking lopsided. I had to hand sew him because our sewing machine is broken so he didn't turn out how I wanted him to. But I love him anyway.



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    I want to know where you got those socks from!!! They're SO cute!! P.S, he's so adorable!! ;)

    this isnt even an instructable. i was kinda looking foward to seeing how to make a sock monkey like yours. not like those heavy-weighted knitted type.

    No, it's not an instructable. It's a slideshow. However, I DO have an instructable about how to make them.

    Your sock monkey rocks! I think he is just precious.

    Here's the one I made for Valentines Day. It's Seymour (the slightly retarded) monkey!


    :D I like him!

    i've always wanted to make one. Maybe for my sister's coming birthday. I bet she'd like that :-) well done sunbanks!

    Yayyyyyyyyy Sunbanks! Nice job, I like it, it looks cool, I want one! ;-)

    :D thanks! I think If I ever make another one I'll make an instructable about it.