My Solar Furnace





Introduction: My Solar Furnace

This is not completely my own design. You can find these all over the internet if you do a Google search or a search on you-tube.

I built this because so many people pay so much money to heat their homes and something as simple and cheap as this could off set those costs by hundreds of dollars a year.

There are places you could buy one of these units for around Two Grand but you don't have too. Anyone can build one of these and stop paying to heat your house while the sun is out, offsetting your monthly energy costs and easing the strain on own power grid.

I look forward to a day when every house is equipped with something like this and I hope everyone that reads this decides to build one of these their selves.



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    What did you use to remove the tops and (? the bottoms completely?) from the cans? Would you recommend removing the completely to maximize the air flow? Or have you changed your method and only removed one end completely, then put holes in a staggered pattern on the other end?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    you can use a grit 60 sandpaper, it only takes about a minute each can. If you have a disk or belt sander, a few seconds each can should do the trick

    so, you got a thousan soda cans, put it all like a big pipe, painted them black and put it down the sun...? man, that stuff is pretty neat... simple, made from trash, good for winter times (like now at the place I live... 7 degrees celsius right now xD) guy, I gotta find a thousan cans... where did you get them? this will look pretty good at my backyard workshop =] nice work dude! I'm sure as hell I'll read your full 'ible, and do one for me when I got all theses cans xD see ya!

    Check your local Pepsi/Coke bottler/distributor. I got many expired cases from Pepsi dist. to make a solar heater. Have to empty and wash out but I don't have to dig through dumpsters.

    I think it's only 244 cans I have to do the math again , There are some nice links below if you'd like to know more. But yes it is cheap and it does make a lot of heat, but I think in a real world situation you'd need 7 of them to heat a whole house, says one of these can heat a 1000 square foot house in 15 min. My shop is not insulated so I have not been able to get serious numbers yet. They are selling these things for 2 grand a piece so they must be pretty confident in there claims .

    I plan to make something like this but instead of can i have plenty of mat black hollow square Aluminum boxes,i just havent worked it all out yet.

    These soda can heaters are great, I like yours. Im in Michigan and we have a .10 deposit on our soda cans. So Im eating a lot of Green Beans so I can use the veggie cans to make one...

    when I said 'a thousan', I mean 'a lot', but that's alright, now I know how many cans I'll need to heat my workshop =D since it's not going to be very very big, it won't need too many cans, I guess about 150 cans will do the trick... but... just a doubt... at summer, how do you keep this thing to not over-heat your house?

    The sun just doesn't hit that side of my shop right in the summer , But if it did I'd just cover the intake so no air could move through it.

    yes, I tough that... slice a pvc (or other material) pipe in holes and put the cans on it, then just control the pipe xD