My son made this clock in clay class when he was 4 years old. Make sure it is 12" in diameter or larger if making yours out of clay or wood but you could also use a pre-made wood clock face. A search on ebay would get you pre-drilled wooden ones for a reasonable price. His clay broke as you can probably tell from the pictures but we glued it back together and it still works.


- flat clay circle at least 12" in diameter - can also use wood you can find it with the search terms "wood clock face"
hey, pressed for money? use a frisbee!

- print out of death star from the internet
My son and I used the one from this site and it worked great! http://www.spraypaintstencils.com/fantasystencils/stencilindex.html

- white paint - can be spray paint or anything that sticks
- black and white paint (not spray paint, something liquid)
- paintbrush
- toothbrush
- hanging wall clock kit with hands (make sure hands are not too long or they will bump against the figures)
- permanent glue, gel consistency or epoxy
- qty 12 2x4 flat lego bricks
- 12 mini figs, Star Wars preferable, and accessories that go along with it


Step 1: Make the clock face and assemble clock mechanism

make a flat 12 inch round clock face out of clay or buy one or make one out of wood
paint it white
drill a hole in the center
add the clock piece and glue it on

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