Step 3: Add lego mini figures

add lego minifigures.

most will attach by the back of their legs but if they don't add some extra pieces

interchange at will!
Where did you get the Star Wars legos from? Is it possible to find them for cheap?
Really great idea! I think we are going to glue Legos to the base of the clock and interchange the minis based on theme. Thanks for the awesome photos!
Where can I buy the wall clock kit?
Try Ac Moore
I buy my clock kit at ACMoore. It should not cost you more than $10.00
It's a quarter to Boba.
Really Great project, thanks for sharing.
I absolutely love it, my son would go mental for it too, he just loves star wars, cheers for sharing such a wicked make,
Lol that's cool
Good job!<br><br>Very creative.
Great looking clock, clever idea!
aw shucks, thanks for the compliments, this project can be a good one to do with your kid! You can make it as simple as you want or as elaborate!
very clever
Very nice! I like it!
Lego + Star Wars.<br><br>Is there anything better?

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