My Space Balloon: Project Stratohab Success!! High School Student's Budget

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Step 15: Miscellaneous

Sign (4 copies) - We made a sign with our telephone numbers and a $50 reward if found note. Although we didn't need it, it's good to have. Print out four copies and tape it to each side of the box. 
Extra tape and rope - just in case you need some.
Latex gloves ~10 - When handling the balloon, be sure you never touch it with your hands. That will weaken the structure. 
Tarp - you'll need a plastic tarp from Home Depot. These are usually used for painting. You don't want the balloon to hit anything when you're filling it up. 
Hiking boots - you're going to be going through woods and mountain, make sure you bring some. 
Heat packs - I talked about these in Step 13. 
Extra lithium batteries - you never know if one of your batteries is going to be a dud. 
Hand-held radios - when you're trying to search for the balloon, you may need hand held radios to communicate. 
Water - stay hydrated!
Maps/phones/gps/internet - for locating the balloon upon landing.
Screw drivers/wrenches/pliers/scissors
A hose - you can find a hose at Home Depot that will allow you to connect the balloon to the Helium Tank. You can fit your own regulator if you have one, but it is better to fill the balloon away from the tank. This is a clear 1 inch plastic tubing used in plumbing. There's more information on this in Step 19. 
Scale - you will need a scale to weigh your anchor for 2lbs of extra lift for a 200ft/m ascent rate.