My Space Balloon: Project Stratohab Success!! High School Student's Budget

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Step 18: Helium Rental

Picture of Helium Rental
It's going to be really hard to find some helium for rental. Many people use hydrogen because it is cheaper. Do not use hydrogen! It's explosive! Currently, there is a world shortage of helium, so try your best to call a few stores. We got ours from Bayview Balloons in Connecticut. They weren't too nice to us, so I don't recommend you to go there. Use google maps and search for helium suppliers in your area. You should get about $150 for 250 cubic feet of helium. You will only need about 100 cubic feet depending on your balloon size. The 600g ballon requires 50-100 cubic feet. 

Do your best!
The world is running out of Helium for ever, most of the wastage goes in helium balloons like yours. Without Helium, MRI (Magnetic Resonant Machines) machines in hospitals will not be able to function as they need liquid Helium in a closed circuit cooling supply.

Pure Hydrogen is used for met balloons and could safely be used providing the balloon is inflated and launched remotely in a open area. Just google 'Remote Weather Balloon Launcher'.