My Space Balloon: Project Stratohab Success!! High School Student's Budget

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Step 2: Apparatus Overview

Picture of Apparatus Overview
In order to get into space, you need a few key things. The first and most important is the balloon. This is a high quality scientific weather balloon that can reach altitudes of 100,000 feet. Tied to the balloon in order is the balloon itself, parachute, radar reflector, and payload. I'll explain the importance of these objects a little bit later. After the balloon pops at its maximum altitude, the parachute will save the payload from demise. You'll want a parachute that can slow things down to about 7m/s. Below the parachute is a radar reflector. It does exactly what it sounds like. You can make this yourself. I can describe this further in the next few steps. The last and most important piece to the puzzle is the payload. This is usually a styrofoam box that carries all of your important electronics including a camera and gps.