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Step 9: Purchase the MicroTrak

Picture of Purchase the MicroTrak
Simply place an order at the Byonics website:  You want the MicroTrak AIO version 2, the one with the rubber duck antenna.  Do not get a mag-mount antenna. 

            When you place your order, give Byonics your ham radio call sign, and if you want, an SSID number 1 to 12 which would differentiate your beacon if you are using more than one with the same call sign (Ex:  KJ6MOT-2 or KJ6MOT-11).

I also found that the rubber duck antenna did not transmit the signal very well. I opted for a high altitude dipole antenna from Byonics. This was great for our flight. We mounted it on the side of the payload, and everything worked out great.

UCSD near space has some pretty good details on the MicroTrak as well as some other great resources.
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