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About: I MAKE in my sleep. I MAKE for keeps. I MAKE I MAKE I MAKE creative me.

This is the space I used to create my "work". I am a photographer, videographer, tinkerer, costumer and general "artist"
Shot and edited with iPhone 4. 
Apps used were: iMajiCam Pro and Splice video editor.
Music by Heyoka.

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    Is this all glow in the dark?!? Or is it just video effects. Please tell!

    1 reply

    It's a video effect for my iPhone through iMagicam Pro.

    That's just how I wanted to remember my space. I spend enough time there that I wanted to change it up.


    cool vid. Could we see it without the effects though? I only immediately recognized 3 things. A fridge, a toilet, and a power strip.

    Sorry, that's how I recorded it.

    Haha! A crucial element of my workspace.