video My Space
This is the space I used to create my "work". I am a photographer, videographer, tinkerer, costumer and general "artist"
Shot and edited with iPhone 4. 
Apps used were: iMajiCam Pro and Splice video editor.
Music by Heyoka.
Oicu81shoe3 years ago
Is this all glow in the dark?!? Or is it just video effects. Please tell!
Tater Zoid (author)  Oicu81shoe3 years ago
It's a video effect for my iPhone through iMagicam Pro.
Dr. Pepper3 years ago
I'm sorry but why did you do the picture effect?
Tater Zoid (author)  Dr. Pepper3 years ago
That's just how I wanted to remember my space. I spend enough time there that I wanted to change it up.
TOCO Tater Zoid3 years ago
cool vid. Could we see it without the effects though? I only immediately recognized 3 things. A fridge, a toilet, and a power strip.
Tater Zoid (author)  TOCO3 years ago
Sorry, that's how I recorded it.
Tater Zoid (author)  JamesRPatrick3 years ago
Haha! A crucial element of my workspace.
mary candy3 years ago
cool space !
Tater Zoid (author)  mary candy3 years ago
Thank you.