My Sparkley TMNT (Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtle) Costume!





Introduction: My Sparkley TMNT (Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtle) Costume!

My little girl is 16 months old, and with comic book loving, cartoon watching, never-gonna-grow-up parents, she couldn't have just that standard pretty pretty princess costume this year for halloween. I made her costume last year and this year was going to be no different. The idea hatched from her father's insistence that she have weapons coupled with my love of glitter and exploded from there.

Several trips to JoAnn fabrics, use of fabric paint, glitter, and acrylic mediums from Jerry's Artarama and my sparkley TMNT (Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtle) was born! I hope you like it as much as I did creating it! Little stinker couldn't get over how much she shimmered and often showed her appreciation by trying to take out my eye with her glitter ninja weapon. In retrospect her father may not have as much say in next year's costume...



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I dont understand whede the instructions are to make it?

Hi, I know it's been a really long time since you made this costume but I absolutely love it! My daughter have a party to go to in the theme is TMNT. Do you remember the color and name of the fabric??

I was wondering what the middle is made out of as well as the shell. I LOVE this costume and want to make this for my daughter's 1st birthday party.

I love this costume and would love to make it for my two year granddaughter for Easter. Would you please tell me what pattern you used I would very much appreciate it.

My friends and I are doing an adult version of this! Thanks for the idea :)

Hello I was browsing in search of the perfect Halloween costume for my little girl since all of the ones I've seen are too repetitive and I haven't found anything unique until I came across this one! I fell deeply in love with this costume but I am no good at crafts is there anyway you can sell me one and make my baby one of these pleeaaaasssseee!, lol I know many has asked you if you sell or make these costumes and unfortunately you don't but I'm just in love with this :( and I can't make it lol

is there a how to I need to make this asap!!!

Just saw this comment! Sorry I haven't been on lately. This outfit I kind of just made up on my own. I tried to describe the process as best I can through the picture captions. The bottom is just a double layered circle skirt pattern. The key to making this an easy on and off outfit was the use of velcro. Even the shell was removable through the use of velcro (ideal for traveling in a car seat.) I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have but unfortunately I never use patterns when sewing (honestly they just confuse the crap outta me.)