Introduction: My Stand Up Desk

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So I wanted a stand up computer desk for a couple of reasons. Firstly that I've been spending too much time wasting away at my computer mindlessly clicking through one website after another. Secondly, I've been reading a lot lately about how sitting and sedentary lifestyles are incredibly unhealthy and I want to lead a healthier lifestyle. As a happy bonus I got a lot of my living room real estate back!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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Materials: 2 Shelf racks 4- 16" brackets 6- #12-2 screws 1- 72"x12"x1" board Total ~$70 I picked up all my stuff at Lowe's Tools: Power drill Table saw Level Pencil Safety pin

Step 2: Finding the Stud

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This was a lot easier than I expected. I simply tapped on the wall listening for the solid sound as opposed to the hollow sound. Then when I got the sound I was looking for I tested with a safety pin.

Step 3: Mounting the Rail

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Once I've located the stud I drilled a pilot hole and then screwed in the first screw through the top of the rail, but not all the way in. Letting the rail hang loose I used a level to make sure it was straight up and down. When level I drilled the two remaining pilot holes and screwed the remaining screws for this side in. Then I drilled the entire rail flush to the wall. Using the level again I set the other rail in place and set the level across the top and marked the placement for the other pilot hole. I then repeated the entire process of mounting the rail.

Step 4: Cut the Shelves

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This part is pretty simple. Using a table saw I cut the 72" board into two 36 inch boards.

Step 5: Put It All Together

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I put the shelf brackets into the rails, put the boards on the brackets and started putting my living room back together. I eventually plan to fix the shelves in place with screws and possibly sand and stain them. For now though I'm happy with it.


Iris R (author)2013-03-20

Also can be adjusted for sitting.

Boygasmo (author)2013-03-12

Where do you buy these racks and anchors? Nice idea!!! Thanks~

penchek (author)Boygasmo2013-03-12

Thanks! I got everything I needed at Lowe's. I'm sure you can find this stuff at any home improvement store though.

DIY Dave (author)2013-03-11

very simple yet a great idea. I might have to build one

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