Hey guys sorry for the lack of no instructables i had other stuff and no time for making instructables and again im terribly sorry hope you guys can forgive me

Step 1: Deadlox and Stampy

Step 2: Husky,truemu and Bodil

<p>i love stampy and friends</p>
<p>he was the one how make me do puns</p>
<p>i love stampy and he's friends</p>
Build Sqaishey!
YAY STAMPYLONGHEAD!!!!!!!!<br><br>
stampy stampy stampy the best (song)
sky is like totally the best
Why not sky bro its like cool in all but sky is like the best minecraft you tuber but err nice bro
<p>I disagree. Stampylongnose is the best.</p>
Why did you not do BenjaCanada or ASFJEROME
Its cuz im not dine the statue world
How do you do good pixel art I can only do a 3d sword and Steve head
Its just a youtube vid bye the sickest mc 360

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