This is my firststeam punk build, not sure if it's a steam punk but it was fun.
Just used an old toy plastic pellet gun bought for $4 bucks last year for Halloween, so figured I'd use
some old parts laying around and I kinda got carried away.. Hope I didn't add to much.
Would u be willing to sell?
Hi thanks for the interest. I sold it a few months ago. Sorry.
And T.J Eats People and Jaema's House and Jaema's Car
And T.J Eats People and Jaema's House and Jaema's Car
For T.J to Shrink People Down
A tutorial would be nice.
Hmm, based on the use of a &quot;modern&quot; semi-auto as the base, and wire instead of pipes or tubing the aesthetic it brings to my mind is cyberpunk. It just has that awesome cobbled together, post tech-apocolypse, black market/underground look that is so prevalent in that genre. That is of course not a critique on the gun itself, but merely a response to your &quot;not sure if it's steampunk&quot; comment. <br> <br>I think it looks great and would agree with yosu that you didn't add too much. Everything seems to be connected to each other in a cohesive manner rather than just tacked on as a completely separate piece.
Perfect, that is sweet!
Really nice looking. Good work.
In my opinion, as a Steampunk, I would call it Dieselpunk. But, that's not important... <br> <br>So, I don't like the red wire. I think black is better. <br>But the entire gun is very awesome and no, you didn't add too much. It's perfect! If that's your first gun, congrats! <br> <br>NOTE: That viengar/oil thing is perfect. In Steampunk, it's a perfect part to make strange decimononic injections. :)

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