Steampunk Pistol Gun "Shrink Ray"


Introduction: Steampunk Pistol Gun "Shrink Ray"

This is my firststeam punk build, not sure if it's a steam punk but it was fun.
Just used an old toy plastic pellet gun bought for $4 bucks last year for Halloween, so figured I'd use
some old parts laying around and I kinda got carried away.. Hope I didn't add to much.



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    Hi thanks for the interest. I sold it a few months ago. Sorry.


    And T.J Eats People and Jaema's House and Jaema's Car


    And T.J Eats People and Jaema's House and Jaema's Car


    For T.J to Shrink People Down

    Hmm, based on the use of a "modern" semi-auto as the base, and wire instead of pipes or tubing the aesthetic it brings to my mind is cyberpunk. It just has that awesome cobbled together, post tech-apocolypse, black market/underground look that is so prevalent in that genre. That is of course not a critique on the gun itself, but merely a response to your "not sure if it's steampunk" comment.

    I think it looks great and would agree with yosu that you didn't add too much. Everything seems to be connected to each other in a cohesive manner rather than just tacked on as a completely separate piece.

    Perfect, that is sweet!

    Really nice looking. Good work.


    In my opinion, as a Steampunk, I would call it Dieselpunk. But, that's not important...

    So, I don't like the red wire. I think black is better.
    But the entire gun is very awesome and no, you didn't add too much. It's perfect! If that's your first gun, congrats!

    NOTE: That viengar/oil thing is perfect. In Steampunk, it's a perfect part to make strange decimononic injections. :)