I basicly made this for haloween. i used 100 meter of string for the hat, and 7 meters of metal wire. I got quite good qrituiqe for it, so now im thinking of making an instructable of it. If anyone is intrested in an instructable just comment XD. 
Plz make an ible! I am being inspired, could I make goggles like that?
looks awesome dude! make an instructable please!
oh, looks fun.<br>please make it an instructable.
This looks really cool and fun to build! Please make this an ible!<br />
&nbsp;That's pretty slick...I'd like to see you make an....'ible'? I'm new to this site, haha.
Totally, make an 'ible, I would totally make this thing!! haha
I would like to see
This is sweet.&nbsp; Make an instructable!<br />
doi, totally interested in an 'ible :p<br />

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