My Steampunk Goggles


Introduction: My Steampunk Goggles

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rate them please



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    holy crap! i have the same ones too, im curious do the lenses pop out easily? i was worried about taking them out and risking breaking them, but it looks like the rim of the lens comes out with a little force.

    WHAT!?!?! that is some convincing paint. i seriously thought you took a thin piece of metal and twisted it to the shape of a circle... i give you major props. so ill take that as a no, you dont know any type of metal frame i could find?

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    Old camera lens mountings...made of machined can find them at garage sales and boxes of old camera equipment...etc...I was given a whole box of them. You can dissect them...clean them and use them for what you wish, I'd Google them honestly.

    found the paint! "Folk Art" "660 metallic pure gold"

    thanks. the paint i used was just "gold metallic" spray paint. and im already using a watch for the rings i had on the side linking to the chain.

    as you said flash light parts. or as an alternative find an old watch and make a monocle. also thanks, it carried over from my month painting warhammer figurines

    dremel with a cutting wheel to remove the plastisc and a piece of mesh to cover them

    hey what did you use for the actual lenses? oh and another metal frame i just discovered would be the metal lip at the end of a soda can

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    for home made lenses i would go out and buy a sheet of plexi glass or use a clear CD case

    yeah, i was gonna use a cd case but i dont have any colored ones. and i want like a purplish black colored lense.

    next time you buy blank CD's buy the ones withj jewel cases ther's usuall a few purple

    Wow. these look really cool. ive scoured the internet and theres only 2 other pairs of steampunk goggles ive seen that look cooler. but they were complicated like crazy with different magnifying lenses and stuff like that.

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    not spamming i promise, i really do like yours. but would you mind taking a quick look at my slideshow and telling me what you think?

    i'm way ahead of you. they look great, way better than I could do from scratch.

    thanks. i have a question though. what did you use to make the metal frame for your lenses? or did you make them purely from scrap metal? cuz im planning on using the ends from flashlights for that and was wondering if there was anything better.

    metal? I didn't know they were that good...
    I dry brushed *stumbles to find bottle*
    *can't find*
    "Real gold" paint on a black base (they're plastic)

    i have the exact same goggles at home! They dont really fit my head well, so i made a new pair.