Picture of My Studio Space

I have always felt it was important for creative people to have a supportive environment to work in. Your work space has an impact on your work, and reflects who you are.  I tend to work best in a space that has a mix of tools, sentiment, and inspiration.

I think the photos of my studio will help to explain quite a bit more about what influences my creative process. Come on in!


Step 1: The original space....

Picture of The original space....
Studio Space 2.jpg
Well, this room is my original studio space, which was more than enough until I won a Holiday Card contest last year that enabled me to buy "Big Bertha", my new Paragon Janus 23 glass/ceramic kiln. Gosh she's big! I had to re-arrange my studio space in preparation for her arrival. I have a wonderful husband who mentioned that I might need to expand into the formal living room.....5 minutes later I had taken the doors off my studio and re-arranged all of my stuff. 
So, this room is now "Command Central".  Basically, this room contains a blend of tools, sentimental momentos, and inspiration that support the work that I create. My computer, printer, calendar, files, "mess desk", kilns, and supplies are in this room.

"Big Bertha" sits on a ceramic fiber blanket, topped with ceramic tiles. I'll eventually add a kiln vent, but for now I open the patio doors a bit and crack the window when I run the kiln.
Notice the hot tub just outside the patio doors. Somehow I never manage to make the time to sit in it, as I would much rather be working in the studio!

sunshiine3 years ago
What a beautiful living space! So light and cheery! Thanks for sharing. Have a splendorous day! Sunshiine
zazenergy4 years ago
Looks like a great space!
bgartman (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
My pets seem to like it just as much as I do :)