This is my fire kit that I keep in the front pouch. I got the case at a 2nd hand store for a dollar. If you have any other ideas please comment.

Step 1: Supplies

I have the following
2 orange waterproof cases that are a dollar at Walmart. One has some string that makes a good wick. They also have a striker to strike your knife and makes sparks.
Cotton balls in PJ for fire starting
Flint and steel
Dryer lint...very cheap and works well.
A couple candles (not shown) burn longer thank matches
A green thingy. Has a compass whistle flint striker and matches compartment.
A space blanket. Not sure why but fits good in there

Step 2:

Put together an make it organized because when you need it you need it quick

I want to make one of my whole survival bag but might take a while.
It was meant for anders but if you want to u can answer qions too!
Any other ideas anyone?
<p>I would highly recommend a ferrocium rod, they are similar to flint except they will work with any rough material and produce a shower of sparks, plus they are extremely light and compact. Your match containers actually have a small ferro rods on the bottom, my only complaint with these are the size, I got a match container just like those and the ferrocium broke off after a few stones so I ended losing it in the grass. I hope my comment was helpful. P.S. colglans &quot;fire&quot; rod costs only 5 dollars and I've been using mine for years and it still going strong.</p>
<p>that was what he was talking about on the bottom of the oronge match stricker, I have one, it works pretty good!</p>
So you were a teacher! Nice! I would love to get some answers. Thanks!!!!
Does anyone know how to post a video on this thing?!
Can you do an instructable of the whole bag? That would be much appreciated :)
Great idea. Thanks a lot!
I also really like the idea of having a space blanket. If you do have a chair or a lean-to shelter you can put it on and the heat that goes behind you will reflect back.
Wikipedia of fresnel lense
Is a fresnel lens a magnifying glass???
I would add a fresnel lens to magnify the suns rays and start a fire.

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Bio: Please comment And give ideas. About anything about survival. I love to learn about it.
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