Picture of My Survival Kit

This is my survival kit i have a little zip up bag it is 24 cm or 9 1/2 inches long 14 cm or 5 1/2 inches wide 50 cm or 2 inches thick.

Step 1: In side

Picture of In side
Survival Kit 2.JPG
This is the bag open it has two compartments the thermal shock blanket is not in a compartment. having 2 compartment is better than a signal
zazenergy3 years ago
nice kit! I'd probably throw in a high protein bar or something else nutritious.
Brendan9300 (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
if i do it wont be eaten maby something that wont die so quick
chuckr443 years ago
Neat case. They have small cell phone cases at the dollar store that are firm, like your case. Those might work for a small survival kit too.
Brendan9300 (author)  chuckr443 years ago
yer they might
excellent... thank you!
djzadjza3 years ago
Where did u get the net? nice little kit by the way
Brendan9300 (author)  djzadjza3 years ago
you know the prawn nets from that just cut it off and thanks