Introduction: My Survival Pack (M.S.P)

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I'm the type of person that likes to be prepard for just about anything so I created a survival pack with one thing in mind, It's better to have it and not need it then not have it and need it.  I wanted the basic survival Tool Plus other things  I thought would be use-full. Also it's starting to get colder in Minnesota where I live so I have added some good cold weather gear too.

Step 1: Main Container

Picture of Main Container

Main container is a lager metal coffee container. It Serves as the survival can plus water purifacation ( boiling ), cooking food, water storage. There is 100ft of orange paracord, 50ft black paracord wrapped around the coffee can. you can never have to much rope!

Step 2: Fishing Kit + Yo-Yo Reel + Sewing Kit

Picture of Fishing Kit + Yo-Yo Reel + Sewing Kit

I used an ALTOIDS tin to hold the fishing gear, there was room to put the sewing kit in there to. Never waste space.

Fishing kit contains: inside an altoids tin
2x razor blades tape to the lid
1x 30-40FT braided 27# test line (wrapped neatly)
1x 30-40FT Mono Fishing line 12# test (wrapped neatly)
1x leader 
6x jig heads assorted sizes and styles (in small baggie)
4x plastic tubes  (in small baggie)
10x sinkers +
4x bobber stoppers  (in small baggie)
1x small bobber
3x swivels +
8x hooks assorted sizes  (in small baggie)
1x extra large circle hook not needed but it fit and I had it on hand
2x wet nap useful and they help keep things from rattling around
1x Yo-Yo Reel (No room in tin put in coffee can) A yo-yo reel is an auto hook setting reel extremely useful in A survival situation works kinda like a tape measure

Sewing kit inside of fishing kit there was extra room.
In small baggie 2in x 3in:
1x 15FT sewing string wrapped onto thin cardboard
2x sewing needles
2x buttons
1x safely pin
1x paper clip

Step 3: First Aid Kit

Picture of First Aid Kit

First aid kit in altiods tin:
10x excedrin tension headaches  (in baggie)
12x Advil   (in baggie)
2x razor blades taped to top lid
2x cleansing wipes
4x individual wrapped tooth pics
3x cough drops
1x floss container removed to make smaller
6x band-aids
1x lip balm

Step 4: Fire + Light

Picture of Fire + Light

Tools for starting A fire. 
1x magnesium fire starter
1x flint striker
1x paracord wrapped bic lighter
3x Waterproof Dryer Lint Fire-Starter they work great and cheap to make got the idea from  
Not Include but will add once I find A small Magnify glass
1x Survival aid: Match box with waterproof matches and orginal striker, liquid filled compass, signal whistle, cheap flint bar (would't trust if that all I had), signal mirror.

Ways to have some Light.
3x 6hour glow stick ( must fit in coffee can)
2x 8-10 hour emergency candles
Need SMALL LED light with extra batteries or a shake n charge light (must fit in kit) I normally  have Surefire Flashlight on my person and an extra in my car plus extra batteries but there to big to fit in kit.

Step 5: Knife, Multitool

Picture of Knife, Multitool

Leather Man WAVE multitool:
can opener
serrated blade
wire cutters
screwdriver (flat, Philips )

Step 6: Other Useful Items

Picture of Other Useful Items

2x Emergency blanket
2x Emergency poncho ( bright colors are the best)
1x pencil 
still need 1x note pad
1x sharpie
not a must but good to have rope saw ( I need to find one)
1x pack of gum 
2x one-use tooth brush no water needed
2x single use instant crazy glue (in baggie) 
2x roll duct tape 30FT each wrapped on chop stick 
2x trash bags rolled up in ziploc bag get as much air out as possible
1x roll of tracer line for A bow 17# test over 2000FT very compact 
1x 3FT tin foil folded into flat square
4x wet naps +
1x cleansing wipe+
2x alcohol swab

Step 7: Pack the Coffee Can

Picture of Pack the Coffee Can

Try this more than once to see how everthing will fit try and use all available space.
I like to have my multi tool on top in case I need it right away.

Step 8: Back Pack and More Gear

Picture of Back Pack and More Gear

1x Gerber Knife fixed blade with built in sharpner in case plus leg holster
1x toilet paper roll in ziploc bag
1x water proof matches (extra)
1x compass (extra outside of coffee can kit)
1x scarf
1x pair of good quality heavy duty leather gloves
2x 12 hour glow lights
1x 100FT paracord (black)
1x roll duct tape

Step 9: Shelf Stable Food

Picture of Shelf Stable Food

2yr Shelf life
1x spam single 
1x tuna creation (lemon pepper)
3x chunk tuna

Step 10: Things to Add

There were some thing that if I had I would add them:
Rope saw
Money (Cash and some change will add)
Note pad (will add)
Very small led light with extra batteries  ( I need to find one)
Another water purifaction method
Snare wire (will Add)
Hanker-chief  (I need to add) Band-aid, sweat rag, water filter, wash cloth
Small piece of chocolate 
Tootsie roll
Bigger first-aid kit for back pack
Magnify glass
Finger nail clippers

Step 11: How I Wrapped the Paracord

Picture of How I Wrapped the Paracord

I will show you how I wrapped the coffee can and lighter with paracord.
Pictures are better then words sometimes.

Step 12: My Thoughts

I Think it's a pretty complete kit Minus a few things that I need to add.  
The Pack weighs around 15 pounds not bad for all the stuff in there.
There is plenty of extra room in the back pack for more items.
Change it up make it work for your needs and environment.

Let me know what you think. if I should add anything else.
Please Vote For Me. Thanks for looking.


Graydant (author)2015-05-17

I'm lucky they had givin me
prescription's of Naproxen 500mg and I like rarely took them, they are
the same as Aleve but stronger I'd pack those, also if i didn't have a
lot extra's of them or they get too old I would still pack Aleve because
as I found out Naproxen is slightly different from ibuprofen both
anti-inflammatory but research shows that Naproxen may have anti-viral
activity against influenza.
Specifically, it blocks the RNA-binding groove of the nucleoprotein of
the virus, thereby preventing formation of the ribonucleoprotein
complex, thus taking the viral nucleoproteins out of circulation.

so I came up with a saying an Aleve a day keeps the flu away.Though I wouldn't recommend taking them for longer than about two weeks or just during the flu season and if or when there is a break out of the flu.

Instead of cough drops I would pack throat lozenges but actually they are the same thing and well if you are a smoker you should make sure to put Zinc Lozenges in there unlike stop smoking aids they are cheap and if you run out Cigarettes they will help you get over your Smokers cough.

Graydant (author)2015-05-17

Awesome I really like the Fishing and Sowing kit all in one that is really cool and takes little space. I did discover something though when I was going try making a similar project it's that instead of a regular large coffee can you can get a bonus size can that is just slightly bigger to hold more stuff.

I've notice that people in there survival packs always want several different things for starting a fire when a lot of it's all unnecessary what you need is a hatchet or a rock and that is how you really can start a fire. most those fire starters are mostly junk I would however pack some matches, a couple of Bic lighters, signal flares and if I had room a refillable torch lighter with a can of butane and not a Zippo lighter they leak.

In my Coffee can pack since my hatchet won't fit in there I will carry my pet rock I've used him to start fires before. it's just a smooth flat rock that you can hold in your hand and it has kind of a dull point on one end. One the best survival moves to watch is called "A Cry in the Wild" and the book it's self is called "Hatchet".

kodrewski (author)2015-01-21

I would add peppermints because it will help stimulate brain function after a day or two without food

Rkaynjehll (author)2014-04-05

Great setup. Really like all the contents. Didn't know about yoyo
reels but I'm about to go find a couple to add to my fishing kit
somehow. That's a very neat contraption. I would like to suggest a
couple things.

1. Your fire starting portion. I see you have a
magnesium block with fire rod as well as a plain rod. I've had pretty
bad luck with mag blocks. I instead carry a ferro rod and a bunch of 2
inch cut/sealed drinking straws filled with petroleum soaked cotton

2. I see you have matches. I did a bit of experimenting
with them because a friend told me they won't last as long as a bic. I
had carried strike anywhere matches for years. But I went into it with
an open mind and he was correct. And usualy a box of matches takes up
about as much room as the bic lighter but won't give you as long of
flame. Plus if the wind blows your match out.. you cant really relight
it. They're also water tight and pretty rugged for the most part. Just
something to consider.

3. You have a leatherman. Good. But I'd really like to see you have a fixed blade knife. There are plenty of uses for the blade on that leatherman but skinning isn't one of them. Skinning a small animal with it and not gumming up the folding mechanism or hinges would be a pain for me. I always prefer to have a fixed blade to use on my food. Easier to clean up afterwards.

Anyways just a few thoughts I had on your gear. You really put a lot of time and thought into this write up. Nice job. Favorited

If you're looking for more ideas check out my instructable. I'm more of a bushcraft enthusiast but I posted up my vest and did a breakdown similar to yours. Gimme a fav if you like it :)

The survival dude (author)2012-01-11


I have absolutely zero trust for gerber sorry. I broke 5 of them during one deployment. Might just be that I'm hard on my tools. But I've never broken my SOG or Leatherman.

fyremanjef (author)2014-01-06

Keep the circle hook. Since it does not require hook setting and as long as your trot line is secure it's a set it and forget it fish line.

jamob (author)2013-08-15

Alot of comments so I'm not sure if someone mentioned this, you could add the snare wire if you wanted however there is a way to make the yoyo reels into a snare for small game from squirrels to foxes because I believe the reels have 60 pound test! Look it up on YouTube and the knowledge will save you the space of a desperate snare! Good job by the way!

pTEARgriffin (author)jamob2013-10-13

Hey thanks for the comment. I looked into the yoyo reel snares that's a neat alternative use for them. Might have to add a second one to my kit, Thanks again.

aisforaction (author)2013-05-16

Excellent kit! It gave me a lot of good ideas to beef up my own. I know I'm a little late on this one, but I would also recommend adding a small mirror for signaling.

417561 (author)2013-04-26

I like it but you don't have any first aid or sewing gear but aside from that its a pretty awesome kit

pTEARgriffin (author)4175612013-04-26

Thanks for the comment. I do have a small sewing kit. And a few first aid supplies would like a more comprehensive first aid kit. I also added some water purification tablets and a mre to the pack.

BLUEBLOBS2 (author)2012-06-27

You could just use some sticky notes or something like that as a replacement for the pad of paper.

BLUEBLOBS2 (author)2012-06-27

What did youy use to spool the duct tape onto? Did you buy it? If you did, where did you buy it?

BLUEBLOBS2 (author)2012-06-11

Where did you get those glow sticks?

pTEARgriffin (author)BLUEBLOBS22012-06-11

I bought them at mills fleet farm.

BLUEBLOBS2 (author)2012-06-10

On steps 2 and 3, I would use masking tape and a Sharpie to label the Altoids tins so you can tell which one is which.

BLUEBLOBS2 (author)2012-06-08

What about travel-sized deodorant (even though you might not need deodorant in the wild)?

iamde123 (author)2012-03-29

you could ad an axe

The survival dude (author)2012-01-11


nekoheehee (author)2011-10-02

I would recommend instead of the glow sticks, a Life+Gear LED glowstick/flashlight. It's got a couple hundred hours of light as both a glowstick and a flashlight. The glowstick also have a mode that blinks at a slow pulse. I've found that the glowstick portion can be unscrewed and used as a storage compartment for matches, paracord or a number of other little things. The seal is even slightly water tight with a rubber O ring. And lastly, the end of the glowstick comes off to expose a basic whistle.
They're like $5 at home depot and come in several different colors.

I think they sell them at Staples for $2-$3 (not sure but i THINK).

qwerty2008 (author)2011-10-10

I had this same 5 in 1 survival whistle and the flint fell of when I opened the package.

Damn Chinese! Never trust Chinese-made items.

birdbrain5381 (author)2011-11-26

Just a thought: no need to add a tripwire. You can take a few strands of the inner core of the paracord. It's light and thin, plus your paracord serves double-purpose.

Aaronius (author)2011-09-28

great screen name.
Nice assortment to you kit. Remembering the TP is Vital!!!!

voyageur10 (author)Aaronius2011-11-05

Just use a pine cone.

pTEARgriffin (author)Aaronius2011-09-28

Thanks for the comment.

KittyF (author)2011-11-02

I'd add benedryl or other allergy med, great for allergic reaction to Whatever you may run into, even helps with ivy or bee sting as long as the reaction isn't life threatening.

bamibert (author)2011-10-23

I think you can loose the big fishing hook, you are not going to be fishing for whale. I really like that yoyo fishing rod, take two instead of the big hook

Robot Lover (author)2011-10-13

Great kit! The only thing is I think that you most likely would not need a hook that size because that is mostly used for shark-fishing. Otherwise good ible!

pTEARgriffin (author)Robot Lover2011-10-13

I had it on hand bought awhile back for cat fishing never caught anything on one before. but it could be useful for other thing other than fish idk what. but it fit so I added it. thanks for the comment.

eharris8 (author)pTEARgriffin2011-10-19

Immodium will make you sicker for longer by keeping the bacteria inside of you. It's good for emergency train/car rides but otherwise avoid it if possible.

punkhead58 (author)eharris82011-10-21

I think a survival situation with minimal drinking water available would classify as an emergency. The water/food bourne pathogens might take days or even weeks to kill you; dehydration can get you in 2-3 days (depending on weather).

Robot Lover (author)pTEARgriffin2011-10-14

Now that I think about it, it could be used for other things like hanging a tanned skin or dead animal.

maxbgoldsmith (author)2011-10-17

Add Imodium. Nothing worse then diarrhea out in the field...

Thats A great addition will have to get some in the pack. can I find it at A pharmacy? Thanks for the comment.

greybunny (author)2011-10-09

Why do you specify sugar-free gum? If anything you need extra sugar in an emergency. I would add things with more sugar, and carbs because a few tuna packs won't last very long. You could add things like koolaid packs, sweetened instant coffee, and for the med kit asprin (not excedrine or whatever) because it does way more than settles a headache. There's not enough balance. You have a whole bunch of trash bags, rain ponchos, ect but no food, water or instant water purification, I guess you're assuming to collect the water in the can unless you have super heavy duty bags. That being said, kudos on carrying tin foil.

higginbo (author)greybunny2011-10-11

one advantage of Sugar Free gum is that if you break a tooth you can pack gum into/onto the part still attached to your mouth to protect it till you can get professional help. Sugared gum can hurt your tooth, so Sugar free is better for that purpose. Wax also works well. Just a cool first aid thing I've picked up along the way:)

Also, unless I'm mistaken Excedrin contains both aspirin and acetaminophen, so presumable it would help with heart attacks and other things where the blood thinning properties of aspirin would be desirable.

Nice work on the 'ible pTEARgriffin by the way.

pTEARgriffin (author)higginbo2011-10-11

Thanks for the Comment. I like the use of the sugar free gum, never would of thought of that.

pTEARgriffin (author)greybunny2011-10-09

I had the sugar free gum on hand so I used That. instant coffee packets and those instant koolaid, lemonade packs would be A great addition to the pack. I do want to add water purification tables but You still have to find water. waters heavy so I didn't add any to the pack, Its kept in my car where I normally have a few full water bottles. Thanks For The Comment.

robosnitz (author)2011-10-08

Instead of a coffee can, pick up a clean, unused paint can.They usually have them in hardware stores as well as paint stores. They come with a handle and a metal top. Punch a small hole in the middle of the top and add an eye screw with a washer and nut and you have a handle for the top. There's a coating on the inside, but as long as there's liquid inside the container, it causes no problems. Paint the outside of the can, heat treated barbeque black spray paint.I've boiled LOTs of water for purification and it works like a charm. It also retains a lot of heat.The metal top won't degrade as the usual plastic coffee can lids do. And they usually don't cost more than a few dollars.

UnifyNoob (author)2011-10-07

Good idea!

MacTGR (author)2011-10-04

Awesome kit!

You may want to pack an extra pair of socks if possible, also fingernail clippers are nice to have for nails and fishing line...

It is a good idea to have sun screen and a folding brimmed hat made of synthetic material. Also pack an extra pair of sunglasses and prescription glasses if needed. Keep your old lenses or old frames so that at least you have something if you lose your good pair.

A .357 Mag is a great weapon to have...pack some pest shot for an easy kill of many small rodents and snakes. You can also use .38 shells in addition to the .357, which makes it a great option for taking down bigger game as well as using very common shells.

dcarter5 (author)2011-09-28

so how much would this all coast (includeing legg strapand kniffe case with shaperner)
and thats was amazing im going 2 make one and i might share with my boy scout troop :P
rate 5mill stars

pTEARgriffin (author)dcarter52011-09-29

I don't know the exact cost of everything, A lot of the stuff I had on hand.
The gerber LMF || knife on goes for $99.99 I got mine on amazon for under $70 (leg strap, case and sharpener included)
The Leather-man WAVE goes for around $55.00
gum $.99
6hr glow lights $.79
12hr glow lights $.99
candles $2.79
ponchos $1.99 each
emergency blankets $1.99 each
Magnesium fire starter $3.99
Flint starter $4.99
5 in 1 survival aid $1.99
Food pouches $1-2 each
Para cord bought 2-1000FT rolls for $50 each
The rest of the stuff I had on hand, shop around to save some money.
Ask friends and relatives to save coffee cans and altiods tins to save on cost
I added A surefire LED flashlight to the back pack $80 dual light levels 15 lumens and 200 lumens last for days on low. Plus 12 batters $12 in waterproof case

With the light, leather-man and gerber knife there could be $200-$300 in the kit (not cheap) But like I said had most of it on hand. The rest of the stuff could be acquired for under $100

Hope that gives you an idea of the cost.

Thanks for the comment!

WhatsUpYou (author)pTEARgriffin2011-10-01

I forgot to add the photo of the dosimeter. OOPS
While we're at it think about EMP!
Your metal coffee can is a pretty good faraday shield for transistor devices.
My pack is not a can, even though it has some small cans in it.
I use cans to make smokless wood gas stoves, etc.
My pack is not emp proof until I wrap it in a copper screen and solder all edges together.
I have mine in a screen bag RF sealed with copper insect screen.
It then is wrapped in two layers of aluminum foil and finally an outer copper screen same as the inner.
It then is packed in a protective light weigh canvis bag to protect the faraday screen and shoved into a back pack.

WhatsUpYou (author)pTEARgriffin2011-10-01

Mine's pretty much the same. I've used the Altoids for lots of things. For fire starting I also have a couple of the strikers from old propane lighters. Just break them apart and take it it out. It will be a little gizmo about an inch or so long and about a 1/4 inch square are round plastic device. It is spring loaded and one end is a metal contact, the other is a piece of wire that tooke the spark to the end of the little propane lighter. When you press the two ends together it being spring loaded will eventually trip and a hammer strikes the pizo electric crystal inside and will create a little arc. It can be as much as a 1.4 inch in dry air. The arc is way above the ignition temp of something like gasolilne and air mix. As you have noticed they will ignite propane air mix and propane is a little more difficult to ignite than gasoline. I also keep bees so I have a lot of bees wax around. I melt it and dip matches in it, making them water proof. I like to dip the whole match in it to make sure if they get into water the wood doesnt soak up any water either. You did a nice photo job too. I have a couple of dosimeters in mine too. Never know when a terriorst will dirty bomb us. By the way. The old wives tale about not being able to survive a dirty bomb is just that! It's BS. This isn't the place for it so I'll not elaborate. I can tell you I will survive a bomb blast of any size that isn't closer than 5 miles. You can too if you know how.
Attached is an Ebay sale for ColdWar Dosimeters and charger.
You can make a charger much smaller than this brick.
Prices are also a little high here.
I have four dosimeters, a home made charger that charges them using 12Vdc where ever I can find it. I made mine from the inverter for a small laptop pc that provides high voltage for the florecent bulbs. I converted my laptop to LED back light so didn't need the hv anymore.
Have fun and stay alive to fight another day.

tinker234 (author)2011-10-01

may isugjest to go the army navy store and buy some rations

punkhead58 (author)2011-09-30

Very nice; I wouldn't mind being lost in the woods with this kit. It's more of a bushcraft pack.

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