Step 2: Fishing Kit + Yo-Yo Reel + Sewing Kit

Picture of Fishing Kit + Yo-Yo Reel + Sewing Kit
I used an ALTOIDS tin to hold the fishing gear, there was room to put the sewing kit in there to. Never waste space.

Fishing kit contains: inside an altoids tin
2x razor blades tape to the lid
1x 30-40FT braided 27# test line (wrapped neatly)
1x 30-40FT Mono Fishing line 12# test (wrapped neatly)
1x leader 
6x jig heads assorted sizes and styles (in small baggie)
4x plastic tubes  (in small baggie)
10x sinkers +
4x bobber stoppers  (in small baggie)
1x small bobber
3x swivels +
8x hooks assorted sizes  (in small baggie)
1x extra large circle hook not needed but it fit and I had it on hand
2x wet nap useful and they help keep things from rattling around
1x Yo-Yo Reel (No room in tin put in coffee can) A yo-yo reel is an auto hook setting reel extremely useful in A survival situation works kinda like a tape measure

Sewing kit inside of fishing kit there was extra room.
In small baggie 2in x 3in:
1x 15FT sewing string wrapped onto thin cardboard
2x sewing needles
2x buttons
1x safely pin
1x paper clip

bamibert3 years ago
I think you can loose the big fishing hook, you are not going to be fishing for whale. I really like that yoyo fishing rod, take two instead of the big hook